“After the expulsion we were in solidarity and defended as a bloc”

Machin he was very satisfied by the long-suffering draw and by the great effort of his pupils. “We made a very serious approach and got ahead on the scoreboard, which is not easy at all. With the expulsion, already very tired, the team was very supportive and knew how to defend as a block, very close together, renouncing to make many efforts in attack that would later penalize us, “he summarized. Seeing the inferiority of his team by staying with ten, the Alaves had to hide behind to avoid running the risk of “leaving space for a rival of the quality of Barcelona”.

He highlighted the collective sacrifice. “We have endured with everyone's contribution, also with some good stop at the end of Pacheco. We played a very serious game and except at the end, when we entrenched ourselves, the Barça It did not generate so many occasions for us, taking into account its quality ”, he said.

This tie means breaking the losing streaks of both Alaves as of himself in front of the culé team. “It is true that in League had not even been able to score against him Barça, yes I managed to beat him in CupBut what matters is the present, that we have a point full of merit and hope ”, he indicated. “This is the team image we want, because in difficult moments we get together more if possible,” he said.

At the team level, ‘El Glorioso’ breaks a streak of four consecutive defeats against him F.C. Barcelona in Mendizorrotza. He wanted one more day to remember the fans of Gasteiz. “I'm happy and it's a shame not being able to enjoy it with our people,” he said.

Regretted the double yellow of Jot
Peleteiro, which left the team with ten and forced them to lock themselves in their area. “If the expulsion had not been given, perhaps we would also have had the chance to win, although in the end we could also lose,” he said.

Without Lucas or Joselu

For the first time this season, he left the Galician lethal duo on the bench. “I thought we needed speed to spaces. What Deyverson he was going to give us his work. When you suffer the injury of XimoWe will suffer it for more days, and you have the expulsion, you have to change the plan, ”he argued.

That is why he did not enter Luke
Perez. “With the expulsion and injury of Ximo, we brought in players more dedicated to defensive tasks. “Luke
Perez he had had a severe blow that had prevented him from training well. It is very important to us and I wanted to protect you. I thought to give him minutes in the second half, but with the expulsion and the score in favor I had to change the approach, “he explained.

Possible penalty

The Barcelona claimed a possible penalty on Frenkie
Jong in the first part, in an action in which Ximo
Navarrese he collided with his body from behind to hinder him in a header that was very frank. “Everything that is arbitration criteria we have to assume. That the two cards are rigorous, you have to accept it if that is what the referee thinks. Penalty to From
Jong?, I did not find it in the field. If you have not entered the VAR it is because it has not been a clear and manifest play ”, answered the babazorro coach when asked about the possible maximum penalty and whether the expulsion of Jot
Peleteiro it was rigorous.