Tremendous ‘review’ by Pérez Reverte to Pedro Sánchez: “He is a murderer of politics who has not read a book in his life”

The writer went this Wednesday to The Anthill to promote his latest book, The final problem. Asked about the new Government headed by Pedro Sánchez, Arturo Pérez Reverte He has been dispatched at ease and has shown, once again, that he does not mince his words: “He’s a political gunslinger, a murderer, a guy who doesn’t notice anything. He hasn’t read a book in his life, I’m sure of that.”

“He has Machiavelli in his blood, he has an extraordinary political instinct. He is brave, daring, tenacious and has no scruples whatsoever. For a novelist he is a fascinating character, probably the most interesting politician there is right now in Spain and Europe,” Pérez Reverte commented.

The writer believes that Pedro Sánchez “has taken our pulse very well” and that he “plays very intelligently” with all of us: “The politicians are all infamous and are capable of selling their mother. He sells his mother but he does not delivery, or delivery to ours before his, and he also convinces us that it is his that has delivered,” he said with a laugh. “For that you have to be brave and he has no enemy. They are all idiots, he will fall whenever he wants, he is unbeatable.”

And he continued: “He is a completely amoral character and that, for a novelist, is a source of inspiration. In a novel of mine, he would be the bad guy, bad guy, bad guy. He is very good at what he does, I am fascinated. The poise, the audacity “, the cynicism… There is no guy like him, for better or worse. I’m a fan.”

He has also given his opinion on the amnesty in Catalonia and Puigdemont has not come out any better: “He is a Sánchez doll, everyone is the troupe, the character is Sánchez. He has managed to get everyone, including Puigdemont, to work for him, so that he “he is in Moncloa. If he were a good person, he would be great.”