Irene Rosales denounces being a victim of ‘sexting’: “You are very disgusting”

There are many women who report being victims of some type of violence or sexual harassment. Among them, there are also public figures, who, although they are used to reading a multitude of messages from their followers and ‘haters’, do not like receiving sexual content. Specific, Irene Rosales, has reported through his social networks that an individual has sent him several emails with sexual content. This has provoked the reaction of the woman Kiko Rivera, who after receiving videos and photographs of a person “touching his nipple”, has published a strong public message to the individual in question.

“I always say a saying that there are stupid and stupid days every day. Well, here I have found one who must be stupid every day because he tries to send me emails,” Irene began in the publication of her personal account from Instagram. Rosales, in addition, has urged him that if he feels “racy”, try to record yourself: “Leave me. Don’t bother me or send me videos like that to my work email, because the last thing I want to do is see you or your nipple. You’re quite disgusting and very disgusting,” he added.

Irene could take legal action against the user, given that sending sexual content is punishable at the legislative level. At the moment, it has only blocked the user from all networks, but it is unknown that it has taken action under the legal framework.

In fact, article 37.5 of the Law on the Protection of Citizen Security of the Spanish Constitution includes any crime of exhibitionism, considered as such. “the carrying out or inciting the carrying out of acts that violate sexual freedom and indemnity.” This provision can even lead to prison sentences and financial compensation for the victim.

Cyberflashing is the Anglo-Saxon term that defines this type of situation and which is considered a method of sexual and virtual harassment. It has nothing to do with ‘sexting’, which instead includes the sending of sexual content approved by all of the parties involved.