Tremendous attack from Ana Obregón to Alessandro Lequio: “I will raise Anita alone, as always, since no man has ever helped me”

The presenter spoke this Thursday about the controversy surrounding donations to the Aless Lequio Foundationthose that he publicly announced that he would carry out and that to date have not become effective. Ana Obregon has admitted that, despite what she herself promised, she has kept a large part of the money raised with her exclusives because she has “a mouth to feed” and has taken the opportunity to throw some taunts at her ex: “Now I will raise Anita alone, as I have always done, because no man has ever helped me.”

Ana balked when she was asked about the advances of the book The Shrew Boy and insisted on remembering the three donations already known and that have nothing to do with the money from her exclusives and her collaboration with a cosmetic brand. These are the initial 30,000 euros to register the Foundation, the 6,020 euros that he donated after auctioning a bag belonging to his mother and the money raised (the amount of which is unknown) from a charity concert in tribute to his father.

The presenter also justified herself by remembering that it was she who financed all the expenses of her son's cancer treatment: “Everyone knows that I have been working for 40 years, everyone knows that I have supported my son since he was born, that to try to save my son I went to New York because at that time in Spain there was no cure. You don't know the money”he explained to Sonsoles. “Until his funeral”he pointed out.

At war with Alessandro Lequio?

A few words with which Ana Obregón responds to her ex's latest statements, outraged by all the controversy: “It is not a story of the Aless Lequio Foundation, it is a story of Obregón. She made the commitment to donate her exclusives to the foundation “It bothers me that my son's legacy is dirty, which is immaculate and with very clear accounts.”

The count assured: “She has been the one who has agreed to donate the exclusives and that is the problem, no other, the foundation's accounts are very clear. The person responsible for this situation is Ana Obregón. She will have to explain the reason why that the donations have not been made”. And he added: “The best leak of this whole story is its contradictions. If you explain it, the better, but explain it in a clear way. You have every right in the world to change your mind but explain it, do not drag the foundation that has nothing what to see”.

It must also be remembered that Ana Obregón already 'shot' against Alessandro Lequio when she commented to a journalist that her ex could be behind all this information: “This information is only known to Ana Obregón and Alessandro Lequio, so it seems strange to her that “The media have been notified of this information and suspect that it was Alessandro Lequio who leaked it.”