Tremendous anger of Anabel Pantoja upon learning that her alleged brother, Pinocchio, will take her to court

This same Wednesday morning, Anabel Pantoja learned that Luis Vicente, his alleged brother, had filed a paternity suit in a Seville court to prove that he is the biological son of Bernardo Pantoja. In a few days, the niece of Isabel Pantoja will receive a summons to undergo DNA tests, as will happen with Luis, better known as pinocchioin court presence.

It must be remembered that the relationship between the two mentioned is non-existent, and that the pantojita girl has always denied her alleged brother. Neither she wants to know anything about him nor has she agreed to a friendly meeting between the two. Luis assures that it was Bernardo himself who confessed that he was her father and that she could call him “dad”, but Anabel does not believe that version and has hinted that Luis has invented everything.

In his youth, Pinocchio was part of a gang of friends that included the influencer and his cousin, Kiko Rivera. They say in Seville that the three of them got along wonderfully and went out together on weekends, but something must have happened to break that cordial agreement because in the last decade they have not been seen sharing nights out like before.

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Now, we insist, Anabel is willing to do the impossible not to undergo the tests. And she has already contacted her legal defense so that she tries to ensure that she does not have to appear in court, something very difficult if there is a judicial corporation involved.