Toñi Moreno’s exciting speech against closets and hatred: “I was the first homophobe”

Toni Moreno sat this weekend in the first Better Saturday presented by Adela Gonzalez y Boris Izaguirre, which premiered with a discreet 5% share on laSexta and an average of 455,000 viewers. Toñi came as an interviewee and left an exciting speech against homophobia.

During the program, the presenter recalled the moment in which Laura Pausini took her ‘out of the closet’ during an interview in the missing Live life from Telecinco: “He asked for my forgiveness and we spoke on the phone because in an involuntary way he took me out of the closet. But I will thank him all my life because it was an open secret, I believed that no one had found out and then it was like blocking the sun like a finger and I was free from that day and it has been wonderful. I will thank him all my life.

At this moment, she spoke some emotional words about her sexual orientation: “The first homophobe there ever was was me. It was very difficult for me to tell myself and it was very difficult for me to accept myself.” With her words, the communicator thinks she can help the new generations: “I think there are many young girls who are watching me. It is suffering because for a long time you live your life without allowing me to live your life, you live the lives of others “And it’s like others have the right to live, and you don’t allow yourself to live. And I love talking to young people who talk to you naturally and tell you ‘Well, I’m trying.'”

Toñi acknowledged that it was easier for her to free herself after the birth of the little girl. Lola in January 2020, for whom she wants all the best: “I want my daughter to live, who is the one who has really changed me, to live in freedom and for her to decide. The other day when she was three and a half years old she told me ‘Mama I have a girlfriend.’ And I told him, what is her name? And the nanny told me, who is her godmother.”

Toñi Moreno’s heart was occupied a few years ago by the presenter Maria Casadowho recently became a first-time mother to little girl Daniela with his girlfriend, the Catalan artist Martina diRosso. Also for Rosanawith whom Toñi broke up in 2019 after around two years of dating.