Toñi Moreno turns 50 and remembers her hard childhood: “In my house there was neither food nor books”

They say that you always return to the place where you have been happy. At 50 years old, Toni Moreno She leaves the ballasts of the capital in her bedroom and begins her new television challenge this September: she returns to her eternal Canal Sur as a presenter in the magazine Nowadays. This has been told exclusively in the magazine Lectures while he shows his new house in Sanlúcar (Cádiz).

With an open heart This is how he has shown the corners of her new home. With the spontaneity that characterizes him, Toñi exhibits her favorite painting from her new living room. And it is that, although she is now in one of the sweetest moments of her career, the one that she was the presenter of Viva life in 2017 he lost his father five years ago as a result of cancer. The years go by, but Toñi Moreno does not forget the last walk with her father figure on a beach in Sanlúcar. That is the meaning of the painting.

The woman from Cádiz does not leave her childhood in the dark either. Now, she will have shelves full of great literary works, but as she reveals in LecturesWhen she was little, no food came into her house, nor did she have books to kill time with.

The accelerated pace of the passing of the years gave him respite and, at the precocious age of 14, he began his career in Andalucía Directo. The beginnings of it were linked to Maria Teresa Campos, which took him from Canal Sur to Madrid. “I learned a lot because she was experiencing one of her worst professional moments and we had to fight against all odds with those hearings,” she tells Lectures while proudly remembering the forerunner of rigorous live interviews.

Years later, the impulse of seniority allowed him to create an identifying stamp in front of the cameras. Anyone who has seen Toñi present a program recognizes its essence. With the spontaneity and Cadiz accent that characterizes him, he speaks uncensored about her sexual orientation. “I never said that I was a lesbian, it was a natural thing. I have never felt the rejection of my family. The main problem I had was myself, I had my religious culture in my head,” she told the magazine. Lectures while remembering the push that Laura Pausini gave her in 2018. “Do you like women?”, she asked me herself. “I will be forever grateful to her because she took 20 years off my mind,” she says.

Now, Toni rests from the past and enjoys, along with her four-year-old daughter Lola, one of the freest moments of her life. “All I care about is my daughter and setting a good example for her.” Likewise, she says that she would like to live the mature love of the end. “Find someone with whom to live life, grow together and share moments. I want something easy, a beautiful and calm story”, she has concluded.