After being robbed in Mexico, Mónica Pont warns: “There is a gang at the airport that follows you home”

After the assault on the house of Miguel Bosé, in Mexico, now the victim has been the actress Mónica Pont. Pont and her son, Javier Sagrera, 19, were robbed in the elevator of their home by a man armed with a gun. The actress herself has launched this alert message on her networks: “I want to warn and try to prevent anyone who arrives in this country with watches, jewelry or changes cash in the airport exchange houses, not to do so” . And she has explained: “There is a gang at the CDMX airport (Mexico City) that follows you to your house and has no qualms about shooting you to steal whatever you have on you.”

They were at home, in Mexico, and had just spent a few days on vacation in Tulum. Pointing the gun at them, the robber claimed their watches, two Rolexes valued at more than 20,000 euros. While he threatened them, the assailant pointed the gun at Sagrera. “Here life is worth nothing,” Pont told Europa Press.

In this episode the doorman of the urbanization entered the scene. He confronted the robber, who opened fire on him, leaving him seriously injured. Monica, very affected, has asked her fans to pray for him. The janitor is torn between life and death: “He is very serious in the hospital. They shot him in the femoral artery and he lost a lot of blood, but it could have been us too,” acknowledges the model and interpreter.

Pont has lived in Mexico for three years, where she enjoys great success as an actress in series and soap operas: “My life and that of my family is above all else,” she has insisted.