Toñi Moreno bursts into tears and denounces being the victim of a “lynching”: “I am a presenter of size 44”

Toni Moreno has denounced the “lynching” that he is suffering on social networks after the comment he made about the weight of a TikToker whom he interviewed on Canal Sur. The presenter, who had already apologized to Bella through social networks, has done so again on the program where that controversial interview took place. “The last thing I would have wanted in my life was to cause you pain. I was unlucky. I joke a lot and I went too far,” the presenter acknowledged about “a comment that wasn't even funny.”

Moreno has also explained that on Wednesday, at 4:00 p.m., he contacted Bella by phone, in view of the controversy that was arising. He sent her a message, “but I didn't get to talk to her.” “The afternoon was hard,” he admitted, because at no time did she manage to speak to the influencer. Likewise, the journalist regretted that Bella did not want to be live to talk to her and apologize to the viewers of the Andalusian regional channel.

Immediately afterwards, Toñi Moreno denounced the “lynching on the networks” that he is suffering. “I have been trending topic all day, everyone talking about me with insults, threatening my daughter, saying that I am a godophobe“, lamented the communicator, who has read some offensive messages that have reached her through social networks.

“I haven't even been able to sleep”, he stated before asking for forgiveness again. “Gentlemen, I was wrong, yesterday I was wrong, but I am not this [gordófoba] and I want to defend myself in my program,” he explained. “In addition, I will not accept that you insult mebecause I am not that,” the presenter continued, with her voice breaking and tears welling up in her eyes.

Finally, Toñi Moreno has asked that the program broadcast the images of a joke that she herself starred in in another space that she presents on Canal Sur, wonderful people, where she defended a person who received insults for being overweight at the gym where she herself goes. In this way, the journalist wanted to demonstrate that she does not discriminate against people because of their physical appearance. “I'm a size 44 presenter, I joke a lot, forgive me if I ever screw up”has settled.

This was Toñi Moreno's controversial comment on Canal Sur

The controversy broke out this Wednesday afternoon when Toñi Moreno interviewed Bella on Canal Sur, an American TikToker who lives in Seville and connected with her program to talk about the advantages of living in the south of Spain: “Have you had a filter? Tell me the truth, you are much thinner”, the presenter told him during the connection. And she added: “Or it's the lentils with chorizo, which you've had many dishes in.”.

Bella reacted during the live with a smile, but later burst into tears on her networks, regretting what happened to a person she “admired.” “Opinioning about someone else's body is not funny at all. We don't know what other people are going through. I have struggled with depression and eating disorders my entire life and these comments hurt a lot.“, he commented. The young woman also pointed out that “Talking about another person's physique says more about you than it does about them.” “I hope the day comes when we can think before we speak and not think so much about the superficial,” he added.