The scandalous financial amount that Bertín Osborne paid to Gabriela Guillén: all his transfers

The speech of Gabriela Guillén about his problems with Bertin Osborne It staggers at times. The physiotherapist gave her first interview on television last Friday to talk about her son in common with the presenter, who maintains her refusal to act as a father. The interviewee said, among other things, that her ex alone has made two financial transfers to her. However, this Thursday new details were revealed that dismantle Gaby's version: It wasn't a couple of transfers, but ten. And thousands of euros.

Between March and September of last year, the presenter passed money to his ex-girlfriend up to ten times, as reported in We'll see. The amounts are not modest at all, since they all add up to 10,900 euros in total. José Antonio Avilés has listed when the musician paid money to the model, advancing that the first transfer, from 400 eurosthe 6th of March. At that time they were still together and things were going well between them.

Fabiola Martínez's ex-husband paid On April 26, 1,500 euros to Gabriela to give her a dress for the April Fair. Instead of buying her suit, she transferred the money to him, as they have explained from the program. On the other hand, On May 8, he paid him 1,000 euros. At that time I was about to find out that I was pregnant.

The fourth transfer arrived June 5, when the relationship between the ranchera singer and the physiotherapist was already non-existent, because, according to Gaby, her ex did not accept the pregnancy. The musician paid him 1.300 euros. Then came reconciliation and, with it, a new payment: the June 26th, Bertín sent him 600 euros to pay for Gabriela's dress at the Turronero party. July 4, one day after they last saw each other, he paid her 1.300 euros. Just a few hours ago, the Paraguayan woman had told the artist the name she planned to give the baby, and he, overwhelmed, asked her for time.

He July 17th a new transfer arrived 1.000 euros, This was followed by two more: one of 800 euros (July 20) and another of 3,000 euros (July 28) to help Gaby, who, with her pregnancy already advanced, could not work. He 4th of September the last payment arrived, 3.000 euros.

Grandfather yes, father no

This information comes a day after the singer went to the hospital to visit his eighth grandchild. His daughter Claudia Osborne She gave birth last Tuesday to Violeta, her second daughter together with José Entrecanales. “Time to time”, The Paraguayan model limited herself to responding to the press. At the moment it is unknown if he will file a paternity lawsuit against the singer, as he limits himself to saying that everything is “in the hands of the lawyers.” Avilés asked the presenter as he left the Madrid clinic if he had anything else to comment on the matter. “He told Me: 'I have already said everything he had to say.'”