Tomeu Nadal: “Zozulia had gestures that he shouldn't do”

After disputed six months later the resumption of the suspended match in December between Rayo and Albacete in Vallecas, Albacete goalkeeper Tomeu Nadal has pointed out in an interview in the Sport newspaper that “Zozulia had gestures that should not have done or provoke people, but we are people and sometimes there are situations that overwhelm us and instinct makes us act in a way that we would not otherwise do.”

Albacete Shield / Flag

In that interview, the Balearic goalkeeper highlights that “the issue must be forgotten, nobody liked to live that situation, hopefully it will not happen again, it will be positive for sport and for football.” After finishing the game that ended with a 1-0 defeat for the La Mancha team, Albacete will try to achieve the goal of maintaining the category in the Second Division.