Atlético 1×1: Costa defines and Oblak returns to leave his miracle

Atlético returned to competition with Marcos Llorente as second striker. Carrasco was the starter and Savic and Giménez formed the center of defense with the absence of Felipe. The rojiblanco team gave the ball to Athletic in the first half, but managed to tie Muniain's initial goal very quickly in a great combination between Koke and Costa.

In the second part Atlético started better, closer to the rival area and grew over the minutes. All five changes refreshed the mattress legs, but could not primarily define one very clear occasion of Arias who ended up arresting Unai Simón. There are 13 draws already this season in the League.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Oblak: He left an exhibition at Anfield and returned three months later with a spectacular save to avoid Yeray's goal after a great header. There was nothing he could do to stop Muniain's rebound, which turned into a deadly shot. After the goal he had little work, but this year it is costing more to leave the goal at zero.

Trippier: He left substituted at the time of the game without having been the protagonist. In defense he worked from above, although Yuri generated certain problems when he went up on his side and in attack he could not show himself. When he was lavished in attack, he did not receive the ball and rarely could he focus looking for the ends, one of his great virtues.

Savic: Montenegrin serious party accompanying Giménez in the center of defense. On several occasions he even cut space shipments to the limit for Williams. Although he started raffling many balls, he was gaining confidence and getting the best-played ball from behind.

Giménez: Back at eleven with the absence of Felipe, he served as left center back accompanied by Savic. He was safe in the lateral centers, especially complicated when it is his turn to clear with the left foot where he has more difficulties. They were seen with Raúl García, who left an ugly elbow in his lower back. Now he has to earn the prominence that he could not have the rest of the season due to injuries.

I gave it: The Brazilian began to suffer in the match when Muniain began to appear constantly looking for his back with passes cutting lines. The band went up more regularly in the second half, leaving some dangerous center looking for the head of the ends. He was about to find Morata in the play that ended on the occasion of Arias, but his center was defective when the '9' licked.

Thomas: Bad luck in Muniain's goal, cutting the Athletic player's first shot, but seeing how the rebound hit him again and ended up at the Oblak goal. He failed to impose his rhythm in the first half, although he could show more in the second. He prowled the front of the rival area, where the fear of his distant shot ended in a dangerous foul. He has to give rhythm to the team, he is the most prepared to do it.

Saul: He recovered a bad clearance from Athletic and broke lines with a pass for Koke that ended up assuming the goal of Diego Costa. He had had a hard time getting into the game, showing intense recovery but unnoticed with the ball. In the second part, he could not be the protagonist when the ball came in very late positions. It loses relevance so far from the area.

Koke: He was participating little, but received on the edge of the area and left a magnificent assist between the legs of Yeray for Diego Costa reminding the association of the year for the League title. The vallecano turning and filtering between the lines and the coast defining hand-to-hand. It is vital that Koke appear in those final meters, since Atlético suffers from that last pass that few more players can give them. He left replaced by Herrera after a game with a lot of work and little brightness beyond the assistance.

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Koke fights the ball with Yuri.

Carrasco: The Belgian started very fast and with spark. Intercalating the bands, first on the left and then on the right, he was Atlético's most unbalanced player in the first half. Thus came the first great occasion of the match, receiving in the unmarked a good ball from Llorente and finishing too cross against Unai Simón. He looked for the dribble whenever he could face the Athletic defense, but he lost steam with the passage of minutes. He left Lemar his place at the meeting time. If it is fine it can be important in the rest of the course.

Marcos Llorente: His starting position as second striker was the great novelty of Simeone's scheme. An extraordinary physical power, with more difficulties in the back game. In the first that he could turn he left a good ball into space for Carrasco in what was the first great occasion of the match. When he can play head-on, he starts with great force thanks to his physical power and is where he gets out of balance with his driving. He left replaced by Correa in the 67th minute in a test that Cholo could repeat, since he did not have a bad result.

Diego Costa: Very physically fine, he managed to see the door again in a prolific stadium for him. Remembering the 2014 association, he threw the mark on Koke and overtook Unai Simon around the corner that seemed more complicated. The team had a hard time finding him on his back, but the one he had got him, something he was missing all season. He left replaced by Morata leaving good feelings after having finished still limping from his back operation.

Five changes

Arias: He had the victory goal on his right hand with a shot that Unai Simón stopped inside the area. He sought to define ensuring that his shot was on goal and the goalkeeper emerged victorious. Quickly, he generated fouls and headaches with his band unchecks. He had not played since February 14 against Valencia.

Lemar: The five changes will give him more minutes, although he could not be decisive in the match. He tried to intervene between the lines, asking for the ball and showing up more than usual, but without later finding the best placed teammate. He looked for the free kick, but he found the barrier.

Morata: He fought with Athletic behind and recovered from the injury he suffered at Anfield in the last game before the break due to the health pandemic. Arias looked for the shot against Unai Simón when the '9' asked for the ball inside the small area, although it was a very greedy opportunity for the Colombian. Before he had left a good mark, but Lodi had not found him with his center.

Belt: Player as always different, he proposed an imbalance and left a great pass for Lodi, who was about to suppose the goal of Arias. Substitute for the muscle injury suffered a few weeks ago, he arrived on time for the game, although he still has to pick up some pace. This season is essential.

Herrera: Change for Koke to look for one last push in midfield when Atlético was squeezing. He was not seen in excess in the 17 minutes he was on the field, although the five changes can also benefit him and give him greater prominence.