Tita Thyssen, Obregón and the pregnancy scandal: the Baroness vetoes the publication of her biography

Tita Thyssen is these days in the antipodes of the media anxiety that has attracted to itself Ana Obregon, delighted to be the center of controversy, to star in three covers of Hola, to be the subject of debates, controversies and even discussions in Parliament. In front of the presenter, the Baroness flees from the window to the point of paralyzing the publication of her biography to avoid public exposure of the launch. Tita was quick to congratulate Ana Obregón when she was asked about her surrogate pregnancy and she did not have time to deny before the journalists that she had helped or even advised the mother of Aless Lequio.

Tita Cervera told in early 2022, weeks before her 79th birthday, that she had commissioned Nieves Herrero to write her biography. The journalist confirmed it and got underway with the writing, preparing the exciting story of the baroness as usual in recent books, giving the story the form of a novel and making it entertaining.

No sooner said than done. The Madrid journalist set out and has dedicated many hours of work these months to have the definitive work on Carmen Cervera ready on the ideal date. The biography, which is written from top to bottom, was to go on sale around this day of the book and exact date of birth of María del Carmen Rosario Soledad Cervera y Fernández de la Guerra (Sitges, Barcelona, ​​April 23, 1943 ), commonly known as Tita Cervera or Carmen Thyssen.

But everything has gone to hell. At least for now, because Tita Thyssen has paralyzed, vetoed, or aborted the release scheduled for these days. She wants to stay away from public appearances and presentations, such as those that would be implied by the promotion of her biography authorized and written by none other than Nieves Herrero.

Tita does not want to appear in the media even to celebrate a figure as round as her 80th birthday. The Baroness has been involved in a couple of controversies in recent weeks and she prefers to go unnoticed.

The first onslaught was suffered when Telecinco broadcast in the promotion of his interview with Risto Mejide the question that Laura Escanes’ ex asked him: “Is Borja Thyssen the father of your daughters?”a scene that was later censored and not broadcast, which caused enormous anger on the part of the presenter. “I don’t understand the decision of this chain”, Risto expressed visibly upset. Informalia It has been able to verify that there was pressure from the Baroness’s entourage on Mediaset and the program’s producer to withdraw any allusion to minors and that Borja, the patron’s son referred to, did not agree with the dissemination of the response that her mother had recorded to answer the question. In the promotion that did spread, Tita answered perplexed: “My daughters have a father”, admitting at least that he is not an anonymous donor but that she knows the identity of her father. Another thing is the overwhelming physical resemblance between Borja and one of the twins.

In it Chester censored we were left without hearing Tita out loud if she was actually the legal mother and grandmother of the twins, a question that inevitably leads us to another matter and another famous one: Ana Obregonthat she has publicly acknowledged that she is her daughter’s biological grandmother Ana Sandra Lequio, engendered by a surrogate from the semen of her son Aless, who died in 2020.

So much parallelism led journalists to ask Tita Thyssen about what happened to the actress and presenter whose motherhood has turned the news around this country. A few hours after the bomb went off, the Baroness appeared at the presentation of her new hotel and logically everyone remembered that she had used the same method as the biologist to become the mother of her twins, Carmen and Sabina, in 2006. She was 63 years old. “What Ana has done seems great to me. I congratulate her and I want her to be very happy with her girl, I am very happy for her,” she said.

The Baroness and the actress have been friends for years and it was speculated days after the birth of Ana Sandra was revealed that the first could have advised the second in this new adventure: “She and I are friends, but I have not advised anyone. At the moment I have congratulated her and nothing else, we will talk long and hard,” the baroness clarified.

Tita and Ana not only have in common the fact that they have been mothers thanks to surrogacy, but both (the first almost twenty years ago and the second these days) have been questioned about the paternity of their respective daughters. The difference is that Borja Thyssen denied being the donor while in the case of Ana, she herself declares that her son Aless, who died in May 2020, is the father of the baby.

Tita inaugurated her exclusive hotel on the Costa Brava on March 31, a project that has seen the light of day after years in which she has turned a disused family residence into an establishment open to the public. She did it accompanied by one of her girls and attended the press with a smile from ear to ear: “It was a house that I had many years ago and I couldn’t think of what to do with it and some friends advised me,” she said.

She was not amused that they related her to the “Obregón case” despite the parallels

He was not very amused that his name was related to that of Ana Obregón due to the parallels between the two. There were those who said that the actress asked for help and information about surrogacy to bring her daughter / granddaughter Ana Lequio Obregón into the world. The Baroness hastened to deny it, but now she does not want to expose herself and be asked more about these things. She doesn’t see herself in front of a bunch of journalists asking her endless questions. At least for now.

“She is afraid that having some kind of protagonism for her birthday will splash her more than necessary. She wants to disappear from the plane of today,” a person close to Tita tells us. Such is her determination that she has decided to paralyze the presentation, promotion and launch of her authorized biography of her, and in which she has participated, whose release was scheduled these days for her birthday. “Both Nieves Herrero and the editorial they are puzzled. They don’t know when they will be able to get it out. Everything was ready for the launch and she did not want to give the ok”, people close to the publisher inform us.

According to what we have been told, Tita wants it to be delayed. She hasn’t said how long nor has she given any approximate dates, but she has already agreed to release it at such a special time as it is her 80th birthday and on book day, which was her most opportune moment.

It was precisely the Baroness who commissioned the journalist Nieves Herrero to write a book about her life, her love affairs, her marriages, her love for art and much more. All supervised and very light. And they both got to work. Many hours of conversations. But Tita doesn’t want her to see the light right now. According to what they tell us, “Tita doesn’t want to talk about it at a time in her life when she lives calmly with her twins and her son Borja, away from controversy.”

It must be remembered that Carmen and Sabina came into the world thanks to a surrogate in Los Angeles when the Baroness was 63. Because of the resemblance of the girls to Borja, it has been speculated that the sperm could be his. A point that has never been clarified by any of her protagonists and that makes Carmen very uncomfortable, as was demonstrated in Chester. But much more to her son, who through his lawyers asked that the question not be broadcast and since then no one has spoken to her, again.

The Baroness in that interview did not leave her daughter-in-law, Blanca Cuesta, very well, with whom she has never had a special relationship: “My son, at 19, got married and changed his life,” he told Risto. “I have missed him a lot, there are many moments in my life that I would have liked to have him by my side. I have suffered a lot for him. But what are we going to do? Life is like that,” she said resignedly.