It’s not often you see them together Aunt Cerverayour son Borja y Francesca Thyssen-Bornemissaalthough the relationship between both heirs, the only daughter of the late baron (he had it with the model Fiona Campbell-Walter) and his Spanish half-brother, is excellent, as both of them always state.

This is not the case of Tita and her stepdaughter, who maintain their manners in public, although their discrepancies regarding the management of the museum are manifest and come from afar.

This time, everyone has joined (for the photo) at the opening of the exhibition on Tuesday 29 In the eye of the hurricane. Vanguard in Ukraine, 1900-1930on avant-garde Ukrainian art at the Thyssen Museum, an act, as well as artistic, very emotional, due to the situation of war and destruction that country is experiencing.

The Ukrainian ambassador and a video message from President Zelenski completed this very special act for which Tita Cervera has worked hard. Attended by the Undersecretary of Culture, Eduardo Fernandezy Javier Solana, former minister and former Secretary General of NATO. They all ended with an emotional “Long live Ukraine”!

We have not seen the Baroness in Madrid for a long time and we have observed that lately she is much thinner, something that worries her only son a lot, as she has commented privately with some friends. Carmen Cervera will turn 80 next April and she reaches this age after having put in order important steps that she had pending, such as the definitive signing of the transfer to the Spanish state of her private collection, an agreement that guarantees the future millionaire of their three children, as well as the long-term future of their 16-year-old twins, Sabina and Carmen. The girls will fly alone as soon as they come of age, especially Carmen, with very brilliant grades at her school in Andorra and who wants to study at a University in Madrid, Barcelona or England. For her part, Sabina, less applied than her sister, still needs additional school help.

The Baroness’s nephew and right-hand man, Guillermo Cerverais the person closest to adolescents, lives near them in Andorra and is the one who could one day be your guardian and executor.