This will be the next visits of Silvia Bronchalo to her son: 20 minutes a day, glass and telephone

After ten days in the Koh Samui prison, in Thailand, for the murder and dismemberment of the Colombian doctor Edwin Arrieta, daniel sancho He received a visit from his mother this Thursday, Silvia Bronchalo. It will be the first of many that will have to conform to the strict protocols of the country’s penal institutions.

The main substantial change, according to Jorge Luque in Telecinco, will be that Bronchalo you can give your child all the money you want in order to improve their conditions inside the prison. Thus, the son of Rodolfo Sancho could acquire from now on a better mattress or buy food, for example.

On the other hand, Adrián Foncillas on Antena 3 has explained that the visits only it will be 20 minutes for the family but for one hour in the event that they meet with their lawyers or staff from the Spanish embassy. Regarding the periodicity, he explained that unlike other cases in which the visits are weekly or fortnightly, Silvia will be able to visit her son daily if you wish.

Silvia’s first visit

This Thursday, Silvia has visited her son in prison for the first time and, although she has been inside the prison facilities for “an hour and a half due to administration procedures”, according to Foncillas, the meeting with Daniel has been of time stipulated, that is, 20 minutes.