This is Johanna, Pablo Urdangarin’s girlfriend: a classmate from his former French school

Knowing how to be, serenity and maturity of Pablo Urdangarin with which he faced the public marital crisis of his parents earned him the sympathy of locals and strangers. She has a way with people and also has a way with cameras. The young handball player walks through the streets of Barcelona with a very special friend. Now we have learned that her name is Johanna. She publishes it magazine Lectures.

Johanna and Pablo met in their school days in Barcelona. Both went to the same French center. According to the magazine, the young woman is the daughter of a doctor and a professor at a well-known business school. Together they did some shopping. They left the store loaded with snacks, with chips and some juices. Pablo got behind the wheel of his girl’s car, since he recently got his driver’s license.

Johanna likes the casual look, based on a cropped sweatshirt oversize and leggings. With straight ash blonde hair, the young woman sports Californian highlights. In addition, they both share her passion for sport, since she plays volleyball, in the senior B category at the Esplugues de Llobregat Club, in Barcelona. In addition, according to the magazine, Pablo already knows her parents with whom he met in one of her training matches.

Pablo’s friends

A few days ago we saw Pablo with a friend strolling through the Barcelona neighborhood of Sarrià and afterwards they ran some errands together, just as they broadcast on The Ana Rosa Program.

Apparently, Infanta Cristina would not have liked her son to see several friends at the same time. It was Alexia Rivas who revealed it with these words: “He did not tell my friend that he was seeing other girls. And it’s okay to do so, but he should have told her.”