This Monday marks the third anniversary of the death by Covid-19 of the Marqués de Griñón, Carlos Falcospecifically on March 20, 2020. No matter how entertaining his family is with the upcoming wedding celebration of his daughter and heiress, Tamara Falcowith the businessman of the night Inigo Onievathe second husband of Isabella Preysler surely it has been remembered by all your loved ones. His passing left an inheritance of real estate and his titles of nobility, and a widow to his fourth wife, Esther Donawho did not even come to say goodbye to him then, which they did, despite fear and restrictions, three of his five children, Tamara, Manolo y Xandrawho did not get along too well with the beautiful stepmother.

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The distribution of the inheritance left its jewel, the El Rincón palace, in the hands of Tamara and her brother Manuel, and it is where the sister of Enrique Iglesias he will say yes to Onieva this July.

The death of the noble businessman at the age of 83 at the Fundación Jiménez Díaz University Hospital in Madrid occurred, like so many other elderly citizens, just a couple of weeks after the terrible pandemic.

The marquis’s inheritance looked like it was going to generate a lot of headlines, but in the end everything was distributed without excessive trauma and public fights. His executor, a close friend of Carlos appointed by him, the first thing he had to do was calculate the value of the important legacy he was leaving.

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With the figure already clear, his children and his last wife agreed that the jewel in the crown, the Palacio de El Rincón, a 19th century fortress located in the Madrid town of Aldea del Fresno and valued at more than five million euros , Tamara and Manuel Falcó kept it for themselves, after buying the proportional part from the rest of their brothers, to set up a hotel project in the castle.

The project has not gone ahead, and they almost almost sold it, because it requires a lot of maintenance. But the palace, built in 1862, still performs well through series recordings, such as the one from TVE. The promisewhich reports 30,000 euros a month to the Falcó heirs as rent to shoot inside and outside.

Also, last year, the docuseries was shot The marquesse, from Netflix, where Tamara’s life is known. The building, which has a chapel where Carlos Falcó was married in his day, and its surroundings, is usually rented for weddings or private events and hosted, for example, the union of Julio Jose Iglesiasbrother of the current Marquise de Griñón, and his now ex-wife, Charisse Verhaery.

The palace has come to house six or eight shootings a year at the time when it hosted the filming of the national shotgunof Luis Garcia Berlanga“, was used for scenes from the Spanish film rowing to the windwith a young Hugh Grant in the role of Lord Byron, or the miniseries The kingabout the life of Don Juan Carlos. More recently it has hosted the filming of As long as the war laststhe movie of Amenabar about Miguel de Unamuno.

As for the rest of the estate, the marquis owned 33% of the part of the Mirabel de Plasencia palace, where wines and oils of great commercial acceptance are produced, which has remained in the hands of his daughter Xandra Falcó, marquise of Mirabel. However, the charismatic noble title, in principle with no more value than pomp and pageantry, has been inherited by the winner of Marter Chief, because his father left it so specified in his will, while his brother Manuel inherited another title, the even more important Marquis of Castel-Moncayo.