This is how Real Madrid communicated the quarantine to the football team

Atypical morning in Valdebebas due to the coronavirus. The players of the first soccer squad went to the sports city on Thursday with total normality to a training that was scheduled at 11:00 hours. Nevertheless, As soon as they arrived at the facilities, the news was communicated to them: a colleague from the basketball section, Thompkins had tested positive for the COVID-19. Niko Mihic, head of Real Madrid's medical services, brought together all the members of the squad (players, coaches, press department …) to inform them of all the steps to follow starting this Thursday.

Because the soccer and basketball teams share common areas, such as the dining room or hydrotherapy rooms, Mihic indicated that they have been at risk of contagion and, therefore, that as of this Thursday they all went into an isolation phase that will last between 15 and 20 days. During this period, if they have any symptoms (fever, cough …) they should notify the club to undergo the coronavirus test.

Following directions from the head of Real Madrid's medical services, Zidane reported that all workouts were suspended but that they will be individually instructed to carry out specific physical exercises at home so as not to lose shape. The meeting ended with José Ángel Sánchez, general director of the club, taking the floor and making the club available to each of the members of a staff, who left Valdebebas at around 11:30 am without knowing exactly when they will return. Minutes later, the suspension of LaLiga was made official for at least two weeks and UEFA will postpone the Champions League due to the coronavirus crisis (Madrid faced Manchester City next Tuesday, in the second round of the second leg).

Before the positive for Thompkins coronavirus was known, Real Madrid had already made the decision to 'bunkerize'. On Tuesday, the club concluded that it was best that Zidane did not give the press conference prior to the match against Eibar that was to be held this Friday behind closed doors but which has been suspended, and which the media did not go to the traditional 15 open minutes either. Further, Madrid closed this Thursday, and temporarily, the Tour Bernabéu based on the measures adopted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, and in line with the resolutions of the City Council and the Community of Madrid in the face of the crisis caused by the coronavirus disease.