This is how María Jiménez spoke about her lung cancer: “It’s going too fast”

Maria Jimenez He only spoke publicly about his illness in a documentary that has been broadcast posthumously on laSexta since this Sunday. The indomitable singer died this Thursday, September 7 at the age of 73 from lung cancer that she kept a secret. More than 30,000 people attended her funeral chapel, which was installed in the Seville City Hall.

“I have lung cancer. Right now they have detected a spot on my lung. They are giving me chemo pills. My hair has fallen out. What I am wearing is a wig,” said María at the shocking start of the documentary My world is another. In it she is accompanied by her son, Alejandro; his sister, Isabel; and close friends. In the first installment of the documentary, they even appear celebrating Alejandro’s marriage proposal.

When the artist received the cancer diagnosis, she appeared hopeful to the doctor. However, she was given the worst news. Her cancer was irreversible. “When I told the doctor that he was going to cure me, he said to me: ‘How?'”

María sent a message full of courage to the camera: “I have no sense of pain. So I’m not scared. I have lived my life without thinking about the end, I don’t know how long my strength will last, but I will continue fighting. Everything can be fixed except for the death”.

The interpreter of It’s over He wanted to live the disease in secret, sharing his last months of life with his family: “I want to take advantage of every moment with my loved ones. My son, my grandchildren… Enjoy all the best.” María lamented, without losing the strength and overwhelming character that so characterized her: “Life has put a new stone in my path. This time in the form of an illness and it is going too fast.”