Francos: “Rubiales’ resignation benefits Spanish football and sport”


The president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), Víctor Francos, assured this Sunday that the definitive resignation of Luis Rubiales from the presidency of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) “benefits Spanish football and sport.”

“The former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation has done what he had to do. I think it is what practically the entire Spanish citizenry had asked of him. I think it is a good decision, especially because it benefits football and the Spanish sport. And obviously we not only respect it, but we support it,” said Francos during an interview with the SER network.

“I have not spoken with him, as I have already explained in several press conferences, since the Thursday before the Assembly,” he said in reference to the Extraordinary General Assembly that the RFEF held on August 25 in Las Rozas (Madrid). . “Well, look, what’s coming ends well,” Francos snapped at the interviewer.

Furthermore, Francos stressed that “the Government wants the structural changes committed to by the interim president to be fulfilled and for elections to take place in a timely manner,” the CSD leader stressed about the promise of Pedro Rocha, provisional heir to the position. that Rubiales had in the RFEF.

“Obviously I also believe that, given the circumstances, it would make no sense to try to prolong the elections excessively. But what we are also very clear about is that we are not going to intervene in the autonomy of the Federation. What has occurred today is an important fact, I think it is an important gesture,” Francos explained.

“I want to thank everyone for their patience. They have not been easy days, as the listeners can imagine. But I believe that the Government has been firm enough,” Francos rejoiced, in a telephone connection. with the station from a train.

“This fact is a fact that is going to have an impact on how we see the behavior and daily functioning of all Federations, not just football. And there are some things, after these days, that concern us and that are going to concern us. occupy”, he predicted regarding the Sports Law.

“If what you are asking me is: ‘Does the Government have in mind making some legislative changes that could improve, strengthen and enrich public control over the Federations?’ Well yes, always respecting autonomy, but it is true that some things have happened that we liked,” he insisted.

Finally, Francos described the “set of circumstances and people who told Mr. Rubiales that he had to leave.” “I have no doubt that it has been a combination of circumstances, and it has not been just one fact that has made him change his mind,” said the Secretary of State for Sports.

“It seemed quite surprising to me that the TAD did not classify the events as ‘very serious’ and that Mr. Rubiales resigned,” said Francos, recalling the inappropriate behavior of the former president of the RFEF during the final of the recent Women’s World Cup.

“It is a bit curious that Mr. Rubiales has been more severe with himself than TAD himself. Therefore, he will have to do some reflection,” concluded Francos, although without explicit mention of the kiss given without consent by Rubiales to the player. Jenni Hermoso.