This is how Luis Rubiales speaks of his three daughters: “They are real feminists”

They are three, Lucia, Ana and Elenaand are the result of his marriage to the lawyer Manuela Delicado Vega, from whom he divorced more than a decade ago. This Friday, they have accompanied their father in the most controversial press conference in the history of Spanish sports and he has turned them into protagonists by addressing them: “My daughter, don’t cry, you have to be calm and happy, you know? And proud of who your father is. You have to be proud of who your father is.”

Luis Rubiales has sent them a message: “I want to say looking at my three daughters who are there that today they have to learn a lesson about what equality is. Equality is not differentiating when there is an opinion between what the man says and what he says the woman. You have to differentiate between the truth and the lie, and I am telling the truth. Daughters, learn it, it is a life lesson. You are true feminists, not the false feminism that is out there. That false feminism is not he seeks justice, the truth, he doesn’t care about people”.

“My daughters are very strong”

It is not the first time that Luis Rubiales talks about Lucía, Ana and Elena. He also did it last March, when he appeared as a guest on the talk show traveling with chesterby Risto Mejide: “My daughters are very strong, stronger than me. I consider myself a strong guy, but what happens to my daughters is not normal.”

Then he revealed some hitherto unknown family aspects: “My eldest daughter studies Art History, she is a very sensitive aunt and with a commitment to herself and to society. The median is the one that most resembles me, perhaps the most vindictive and she is also an aunt with a bestial intelligence”. Rubiales, even, was moved to remember one of the worst moments of his life: “I had a terrible time, especially with one of my daughters. We were in the hospital for two weeks. It was serious, a concussion from a fall and they had to drill his brain. In the end, thank God, it was not necessary. It was next to the cerebellum and it was nothing to die. “

He also spoke of his ex-wife, with whom he claimed to have “been very happy”: “I think we’ve always done the best for the girls. I don’t think it was a failure, we were very happy, but when you go to another stage, then you go.” .