This is how King Felipe and Letizia took care of Princess Amalia of Holland when she studied in Madrid after receiving threats in her country

The visit of Felipe VI y Mrs. Letizia in Holland on his first state trip in 2024 is giving a lot to talk about. This Wednesday, at the gala dinner, King William confirmed that his daughter, Princess Amalia of the Netherlands, had been living incognito in Madrid for a year after receiving threats from a mafia group in her country. Likewise, during his speech, Maxima of Holland’s husband thanked Their Majesties for taking care of Amalia during her stay in Spain.

All this was possible thanks to the affectionate dedication of a large number of fellow citizens and their majesties. It was a moving test of friendship in a difficult period. I want to express my most sincere gratitude to His Majesties and to all those who collaborated in that effort,” said the Dutch monarch in his speech at the gala dinner offered to the kings of Spain at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam.

Amalia, a student in a program in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics at the University of Amsterdam, continued her training thanks to an exchange agreement from the exclusive Business Institute (IE). In addition, she counted on Kings Felipe and Letizia as “accomplices” to keep the secret.

On several occasions, Princess Amalia was seen in Madrid (occasionally accompanied by her mother, Queen Máxima). These movements of the heiress sparked rumors of a possible residence in the capital. However, as a result of these speculations, they indicated that her presence in Madrid was only sporadic trips.