Eva Navarro: “We are still not aware of everything we have created by being world champions”


The forward of Atlético de Madrid and the Spanish team Eva Navarro is clear that the 23 players who were proclaimed world champions “are still” not “aware of everything” they have “created” by this historical milestone, of which they guard ” so many memories.”

This was expressed by the woman from Murcia during the presentation of the book ‘When they touched the sky’ by journalist Silvia Barba, an inspiring story of triumph, struggle and perseverance that helps to discover how the women’s team managed to win the Soccer World Cup for the first time. through the stories, anecdotes, confessions and realities of the 23 soccer players who were protagonists of this feat of soccer and women’s sports.

According to the author, in the pages of the work you can see “how a goalscorer is created”, the one in the final, Olga Carmona; “how a Ballon d’Or is built”, Aitana Bonmatí, “how one dreams as a team, what the championship was like for Alexia Putellas or how a heroine is carved: Jennifer Hermoso”, without forgetting the other 19 players. All this through 12 chapters that review from the moment of Jorge Vilda’s final list for the championship until the achievement of the title against England, with an epilogue written by Andrés Iniesta.

“It was a very beautiful and special moment that I will remember forever like my teammates. I had been lucky enough to win a U-17 World Cup, but an Absolute one is what every soccer player wants. I still look at that photo and it seems like it has passed a lot, everything shakes inside you, we are still not aware of everything we have created as a result of being world champions,” said Eva Navarro, a member of that team.

The international was sure that they are going to “win more titles”, especially “now that very nice things are coming” with the Olympic Games that arouse a lot of hope and next year a “very nice” Euro Cup.

Regarding the World Cup, she confessed that “it was a plus to have the families” nearby and that “there are no words” to explain what it meant when “the whole” family came to see her for the final, which was surely the “most beautiful” of the “many memories” that that event left them where “a group of 23 very united players was formed that can be seen today.” “Before taking the bus there was a curtain and we didn’t know what was behind it and suddenly it came down and there was a lot of family, my hair stands on end remembering it, it was something very nice,” she admitted.

Finally, the forward does not forget that in preparation they lived “intense months to reach the physical level of the best.” “We all wanted to play in the group stage, everything moved quickly and slowly at the same time,” Eva Navarro recalled.


The Minister of Education, Vocational Training and Sports, Pilar Alegría, also attended the book presentation event, and once again “congratulated” the 23 players who made history on August 20, whom she described as “the best generation of football” that the country has had. “We are going to touch the sky again at the Games because they are the best and the world champions,” she added.

“You have become a reference not only in football, I would dare say, also in society, and that part has also been extracted by Silvia (Barba) in the book,” he added, thanking the journalist because “women like you and great professionals from the sporting field know how to support other magnificent women and world champions”.

Finally, Pilar Alegría recalled that she saw the World Cup final in “a beach bar on the beach.” “It was a moment when the world stopped. Everyone was paralyzed watching the game, enjoying it and crying,” she stressed.