This is Celia, the person who will take care of Ana Sandra when Obregón “is not there”: “I already have it written in my will”

Ana Obregon generated a lot of debate after bringing Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón to the world especially for two reasons: for resorting to surrogacy (illegal in our country) and for the age at which she became the legal mother of the little girl, 68 years old. When the girl, conceived with the semen of the deceased Aless Lequiobe ten years old, your mother-grandmother will be 78.

This Wednesday, in his new exclusive on Holathe actress has cleared up one of the great unknowns: “I already have written in my will who is going to take care of Anita when I am not there. It will be Celia, my niece,” he pointed out.

Regarding the criticism received, the protagonist of Ana and the 7 He added: “Do you think I haven’t thought about this decision? (…) Everything is thought out from minute one. Celia was like Aless’s sister and she’s crazy about Anita.”

Throughout these months, the presenter has also received criticism for exposing her daughter-granddaughter in her friend magazine and taking advantage of it. Once again she has done it again by posing with the girl.

This is Celia Vega-Penichet

Aless Lequio adored her cousin Celia, a lawyer by profession. He dedicated the last post he shared on Instagram to her just a month before he died on May 13, 2020: “On and on, through eternity, we will shine together. #Fight #Fight #Fight” (Over and over again, Through eternity, we’ll shine together (Fight, fight, fight).

Ana’s niece is the daughter of Celia García Obregón, current president of the Niesa construction company, and the businessman Ignacio Vega-Penichet, installed in Miami. Aless and Celia were barely a few months apart and grew up like siblings in La Moraleja, the exclusive Madrid urbanization that Ana’s father founded decades ago. Antonio García, who passed away in September of last year, built houses for each of his five children, so the family stuck together like a pineapple. The two cousins ​​also had in common that they grew up with separate parents.

On the other hand, every summer they enjoyed their vacations together at El Manantial, the Obregón family home in Majorca, in Costa de los Pinos. One of the favorite pastimes of the youngsters during the summer season was riding a jet ski with the rest of their cousins. The two were also especially attached to their cousin Martadaughter of Juancho Garcia Obregon.

Vega-Penichet was about to marry Julio Jimenez-Blanco. The wedding was to take place this spring in Mallorca, but it was finally canceled just a few weeks before it was due to take place. On Instagram, Celia has more than 27,000 followers. “May 13, 2020 was the worst day of my life. I love and miss you so much,” she wrote last year to remember her cousin, who died that fateful day after two years battling sarcoma. Ewing. She quite often also remembers him in her stories.