Anabel Pantoja sells her happiness: she boasts of a discreet boyfriend, a new duplex and reveals her plan to freeze eggs

Anabel Pantoja He assures this Wednesday, exclusively, that he is in the best moment of his life. And not only because of the man who is now next to her, David Rodriguez, his aunt Isabel’s physio. The two met during the tonadillera’s American tour in February of this year and have already spent their first vacation together in Cádiz, where they were photographed in a very affectionate attitude.

The pantojita girl still doesn’t define him as her boyfriend but she recognizes how excited she is and how good it feels to be by her side. However, she does not want her happiness to depend on any relationship. She has already learned too much from her fiascos with omar sanchezthe husband who only lasted four months, and Yulen Pereirawhich brought him more tears than happiness.

Isabel Pantoja with David Rodriguez

In her interview passed by the box, the cousin of Kiko Rivera and Isa Pantoja also talks about her great news. On the one hand, she has bought a house in the Canary Islands. On the other, she has changed her mind about her idea of ​​being her own mother. She didn’t want to before but now she does, whether single or with a partner. So much so that she is willing to freeze eggs to be a mother before she is 40. She is now 37.

Next, the most outstanding headlines of the interview with which Anabel Pantoja cashes in Lecturesyour friend magazine.

About your new home

She is very excited about her new home: “It is the first house I have bought for myself (…) I bought it exactly on Tuesday, June 13. It is a duplex. The terrace is 70 square meters.” Anabel is proud: “It is the first mortgage I have signed in 37 years (…) I have been able to pay for the house thanks to the fact that I went hungry in survivors“.

In addition, it is clear that he has earned his bread with dignity: “I have bought my house without ever having to sit down and talk about anyone. And I had the right to do it, but I have never done it because my mother and my aunt taught me Isabel (…) I’d rather get poisoned from croquettes than do that.”

Your plans to be a mother

In recent months, she has made another vital decision: “This year after the summer I want to freeze my eggs (…) Before I’m 40, I would obviously like to get pregnant, yes or yes, with a partner or alone.”

When buying the house and leaving it to his liking, he has also thought about the possible baby: “If I don’t think about the future now, then, when designing the baby’s room, I will have to start from scratch.”

About David Rodriguez

The physiotherapist has returned the illusion in love, although he is on lead feet: “I do not want to say ‘boyfriend’. I am with a person right now who, the truth, makes me feel very good.” He does not teach it exclusively, nor on networks. He wants to do things right.

On the other hand, the niece compares and David wins: “What is clear to me is that right now I am happy as I am and it is the best I have had so far. It is the most perfect situation I have been able to have in a long time. Although previously I’ve had it with people nobody knew.”

What he likes most about David is that he is a normal person who does not think about light bulbs (at the moment): “I like to come home and talk about everyday things, I don’t like to talk to my partner about programs, about photos , from paparazzi, from followers on Instagram, from events, from brands (…) He’s not thinking about followers and events. He’s thinking about doing a massage and getting paid for it.”

Of course, the daughter of the late Bernardo Pantoja is clear that she will not lose her head over a man again: “I am no longer going to travel half a peninsula for anyone.”