They will ask for the death penalty for Daniel Sancho: “He stabbed Edwin in the chest, who hit his head when he fell”

After eight in the morning, peninsular time, the press conference that the Thai Police has offered with its conclusions on the case has ended Daniel Sancho, who confessed to having killed and dismembered his friend, the Colombian doctor Edwin Arrieta The Police rule out that there are third parties involved and confirm that it was a premeditated murder, for which they will request the death penalty for the actor’s son Rodolfo Sancho, according to the deputy director of the Police. The Spaniard remains in the Koh Samui prison. He has not yet been transferred.

The Police have affirmed that in these cases the death penalty is usually requested. Asked if the alleged murderer and the victim could have criminal business in Thailand, the police officers appearing ruled it out. “Daniel has confirmed that he killed Edwin because he wanted to leave the relationship and the Colombian refused,” said the agent that he has declared before journalists. He has also stated that no drugs have been found. no presence of alcohol in Daniel’s body. The Police assured that they have not yet found the murder weapon and that they are still trying to find Edwin’s personal belongings. Daniel confessed that he got rid of them.

The messages that both exchanged are still part of the investigation. Several Spanish journalists have asked if there are threatening messages but the Thai Police have not responded. They cannot give details of the messages that Edwin and Daniel exchanged

Regarding the causes of death, the Police are still trying to find out the specific cause. They cannot determine exactly if it was the stabbing or the Colombian died when dismembering the body.

On the motive, it has become clear that “the money was in the safe of the hotel room”, as confirmed by the Police, who do not know why Sancho brought that money to the island. Police have found nine thousand US dollars in the crime room.

three hours dismembering

“It took Daniel about three hours to dismember the body and he stayed one more night in the hotel room to clean everything up,” officials told reporters. They still can’t confirm if Edwin died from the stab wound or from the blow to the head with the sink. “Daniel has confessed that he stabbed Edwin in the right chest,” according to police.