“They need to be demanding with us”

Angela confesses that from the first day he felt “something special with this edition” of Mastercef. “I thought it could be my year,” she says. And so it has been. Last night she became the winner of the twelfth season of TVE’s most successful format. “The best thing to reach the final is to trust yourself, believe that you have a gift and that this [la cocina] It’s your thing,” he explains to Informalia This publicist who has just turned her professional life around. “From now on, my new way of communicating is cooking”.

From when Masterchef is recorded until it is broadcast, a while passes. Has it been difficult for you to keep the secret that you were the winner?

It has been complicated, because my look says a lot and I didn’t want it to be noticed. I have had to lie. It has become complicated for me.

I imagine that the confidentiality clause you will have crossed your mind…

Everyone asked me, but deep down no one wanted to know. They wanted to surprise themselves and it was a pleasure to see how they did it.

Did you see yourself as a favorite at any point?

I always felt something special with this edition and believed it could be my year. I have trusted myself a lot, because I did believe that it could be me. It has been something almost mystical.

Have you had any moments of weakness?

Yes, you are not always on top. There are many times when you realize that you have to improve and you are wrong. In those moments I thought that I didn’t even win it. coña.

Who did you fear the most?

My rival, from the beginning, has always been María. She is the one who was most prepared and I always saw myself in the final with her, because I was her toughest rival.

Has it been special to have arrived with her to the last duel?

It was what I wanted, how I imagined it. And it has been fulfilled.

The promise of paying for a master’s degree with the final prize [Ángela se ha llevado 100.000 euros] and studying together is still standing?

That’s going to come true. I keep my promise and I continue to keep it. We will go together to study in San Sebastián.

Who didn’t deserve to be in the final?

I have never thought about who did not deserve it, but rather who deserved it: whoever made a good program with a good evolution. The judges decided, because they are professionals, and I will always agree with them. The four of us have been worthy finalists.

Ángela, winner of ‘Masterchef 12’, during one of the dishes in the final of the TVE program.

What plans do you have now? How does a publicist manage this triumph?

First, ceasing to be a publicist, because otherwise it is impossible. I would like to unite the two worlds: that of creativity and that of cooking, which is art. My new way of communicating is cooking.

What would you have liked someone to tell you before entering Masterchef? What would you say to those who want to introduce themselves?

Let them show up, because it is the best experience of life. The best thing to reach the final is to trust yourself, believe that you have a gift and that this is your thing.

Masterchef has a cooking part and a reality part. Do you see it like this from the inside?

From within you live like a talent cooking, because we are studying and practicing all the time. Those moments of reality that you see are, in the end, a relief, laughter that helps us disconnect and gain strength to continue cooking.

Do you think any contestant is more into reality TV than cooking?

Maybe in the first programs you can feel it in a way, but there comes a time when we are all so involved in the kitchen that we go for the same thing.

Judges always receive criticism for their demands or their ways, but more so this year. How have you felt with them?

My experience with them has been incredible. I have had a total balance between the level of demand and the good things that have been said to me. But without demands I cannot improve, so for me it is necessary.

Do you understand that they are demanding?

It’s not that I understand it, it’s that I require it. If they only tell me good things, I’m going to leave as the same Angela and not the one who left now, who is better than the one who entered.

Do you among yourselves comment on the attitude of the judges? Do you feel well treated?

We feel incredible. When they give you a bad review it seems like the world is ending, but when we get home we laugh a lot.

How did you experience the controversy with Tamara?

From within the controversy was something else. A person who decides that this is not for them does not want to continue competing and expresses it. And we were happy that she made a decision that made her happy. We live it very naturally.