They assure that Cristiano’s mother does “witchcraft” to Georgina Rodríguez: “He doesn’t want her at home”

The relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo y Georgina Rodriguez It has been called into question in recent months due to rumors of a possible crisis that they would be facing. A few days ago, both shared some images that seemed to indicate that all is wellbut now a seer puts them back in the eye of the hurricane.

Is about Hello Videntewho has made a shocking accusation about the footballer’s mother: “Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother (María Dolores dos Santos Viveiros da Aveiro) is doing witchcraft to Georgina in Portugal so that she will grab her bags and leave”.

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according to account socialiteMhoni is a person very close to the Portuguese environment who assures that the model’s ‘mother-in-law’ does not want her with her son or at home: “She never wanted me to be with her or have children with Cristiano, because he lost three children, the last time he lost one of the twins who was the boy and the lady definitely told him: you know what, son, I don’t want Georgina in my house. Cristiano doesn’t take Georgina to her mother’s house, only to the children”.

But the astrologer did not only talk about Dolores’ “bad” relationship with the protagonist of I’m Georgina. He also did about the athlete’s future professionally. And it is that he says that he predicted that this would be his last season as a player, since presumably after August he would announce his retirement.