A violent pitch invasion dissolves Barça’s sardana for the title

A hundred Espanyol fans sent the players to the locker room and challenged the security forces


The celebration for the FC Barcelona League title was cut short by the invasion of the pitch at the RCDE Stadium by a significant number of Espanyol fans, who prevented the traditional Barca sardana and challenged security, with the launch of objects and moments of tension.

Xavi Hernández’s team won its 27th league title at the neighbor’s house, a parakeet team that is playing for permanence and that barely had any response to the forcefulness of Barça. With a serious 2-4, the Barça team sealed the title four days before the end of the championship, on a date set because it was the derby.

The superiority of Barça meant that there was hardly any tension on the pitch or in the stands, but with the final whistle and the start of the visiting celebration, the fears that sparks could fly were confirmed. In the middle of the sardana with the Barça squad in the center of the field, the invasion of the field began, forcing the players and coaching staff to run to the changing room tunnel.

No member of Barça came into contact with the fans who jumped violently in their direction, cut off by security forces at the mouth of the tunnel. The hundred fans made a move to return to the stands but spent about 20 minutes stalking that door into the stadium.

The Mossos d’Esquadra took the front line with their riot shields before the launch of different objects, such as billboards and chairs, and the stadium’s public address system insisted the invaders leave the pitch. Barça continued their celebration in the locker room and the interviews for television were also carried out inside and not on the pitch as usual.