They arrest one of Joan Laporta’s sons for “mistreating” his girlfriend in a restaurant

The president of Barcelona Soccer Club has been involved in a scandal after it was made public that his son, Williamhas been arrested this Sunday afternoon for allegedly mistreating his girlfriend in a Madrid restaurant.

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As reported The Spanishthe alleged attack occurred in a hamburger restaurant located on Calle Miguel Ángel number 16 in Madrid and it was two bodyguards of a minister of the Government of Spain who notified the Police when observing the scene in the premises.

As soon as he saw the agents of the National Police enter the premises, Guillem, son of John Laporta, he became very nervous and, as explained by the aforementioned medium, the young man’s nervousness became “more aggressive”. “With a threatening tone, he resisted being arrested,” they say.

Now, the son of the president of the Barça club is arrested and accused of a crime of ill-treatment. However, it is expected that in the next few hours he will go to court.