They accuse Rocío Flores that her ‘beauty’ business of creams and lipsticks is an alleged pyramid scam

Three months. This is what Rocío Flores has embarked on in her new business venture, the cosmetics firm Farmasi, of which she is a member. director y ambassador of image. The daughter of Rocío Carrasco and David Flores recruits, through her Instagram account, distributors and ambassadors who can opt for various discounts, between 30% and 50%, on product purchases. However, network users call this firm an alleged pyramid scam.

“Farmasi offers you a great business opportunity, where you can save when you buy, earn more when you sell and earn even more by creating your own team. Apply now and discover incredible opportunities,” reads the website. In the description of the company’s history, it is stated that it is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products and that it was founded in 1950 by its founder, Dr. Tuna. It is located in Istanbul, Türkiye, and they have formulated more than 2,000 products. They distribute in more than 125 countries.

However, suspicions are growing online that it is allegedly a pyramid scheme company, as stated OK Diary. Your job is to attract and recruit new clients. So much so, that she has obtained a bonus of 1,000 euros as a director, a mention that she shared on her Instagram.