Ten facts about the Singapore Grand Prix


Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin) is facing one of the best opportunities this weekend to achieve the long-awaited 33rd victory when the F-1 World Championship reaches the Marina Bay track, the scene of the Singapore GP and a circuit in which the Asturian He has already won twice, Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) is the king of Saturdays and in which the best result of Max Verstappen (Red Bull) is second place. These are 10 facts about the 2023 Singapore GP:

1. The Singapore street circuit is the second with the most curves on the circuit (19), only surpassed by that of Saudi Arabia (27).

2. The last sector of the Marina Bay layout has been modified for this edition, going from having 10 curves to only 6, considerably lowering the time per lap.

3. In all the editions of the Singapore GP the safety car has started, so its probability of starting in the race on Sunday is one hundred percent.

4. Only Sebatian Vettel (8) has achieved more podiums in the Singapore GP than Fernando Alonso (5).

5. Alonso is the third driver with the most victories in the Singapore GP with 2, only surpassed by Vettel (5) and Hamilton (4).

6. Max Verstappen has not achieved any victory, any ‘pole’ or any fastest lap in this race, with 2nd place in 2018 being his best position.

7. Lewis Hamilton is the driver with the most pole positions in this Grand Prix with 4.

8. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) has achieved the ‘pole’ in the last two visits to Marina Bay, being the first driver to achieve two consecutively in the history of the Grand Prix.

9. Fernando Alonso, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are the only drivers to have scored points in all the Grand Prix of the season.

10. If Verstappen achieves victory at Marina Bay, he will equal Michael Schumacher (2004) and Sebastian Vettel (2013) as the driver with the most wins in the same season with 13.