“These shitty comments you make…”

We have seen hugs and tears and that started with a cordial “I’m less angry”. These were the three words he uttered Alejandra Rubio on the set of This is life. Terelu Campos’ daughter was referring to her reappearance on TV after breaking the news of her pregnancy. A difficult afternoon in which she had to face a barrage of criticism that accused her of being incoherent for selling the exclusive news of her maternity. This new visit of the young woman to Telecinco promised to be good. Only four days ago, her boyfriend Carlo Costanzia stopped by De Viernes.

“I am ashamed of my own colleagues,” she said. “I have not closed any package and you will not see my son’s face,” she said on that afternoon that we remember. Alejandra has started this time more conciliatory and has taken refuge in Carlo’s words about his future paternity. Mar Flores’ son spoke of “vertigo, fear and fright.” And he said: “When you are so young and you don’t have the necessary stability… The 31 of today is the same as the 21 of a long time ago”.

She also recalled the moment when Alejandra took the pregnancy test: “He told me to come here running, like the Flintstones… It was a shock. It is the biggest responsibility in life and we weren’t looking for it and it’s something that happened,” the youngest of the Campos clan listened attentively to her boyfriend. “Carlo did better than me,” she commented. “I got very nervous, I got very involved (…) I was angry and I don’t like to be seen like that”. And he stressed: “Carlo was very good, very calm, I liked him a lot.”

Regretting her first anger and frustrated by the tone she showed in That’s lifeShe was very restrained until she lost her temper. It was after an intervention by Antonio Sánchez Casado when she repeated details about sexual relations with or without a condom with her boyfriend. “These shitty comments you make…” And all hell has broken loose.

“I can’t handle it well”

“Since you say we have shitty comments… I prefer you to speak,” Sandra Barneda asked. “You have left him (Antonio) in a bad mood and we are left screwed. We don’t know if you are overwhelmed or if you are not coping well.”

“Well, I don’t take it well,” she said with red eyes. “Nobody forced me to do an exclusive, it’s a two-person thing,” she insisted in her story. “I just hope it’s not affecting you as a couple,” Barneda stressed. “They are determined to destroy everything. We have everything against us. They have done everything possible, but they are not going to succeed,” the young woman managed to say with a broken voice. Crying, she hugged Sandra.