These are the 10 most frequent causes of death worldwide

  • Traffic accidents leave several million deaths a year
  • Cancer has been placed as one of the diseases to consider
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Death is something nobody wants. Unfortunately, it can reach us in the most unexpected and unexpected way. We can meet on the road with our family by car, swimming on the high seas or just traveling by plane and find our tragic destination. But, what are the causes that leave more dead at the end of the year?

Today we are going to tell you what are the ten most common causes of death. In case you are wondering, they are not about traffic accidents or any other reason related, for example, with animals. The data has been collected by the University of Oxford in 2017.

Cardiovascular diseases. These types of deaths include those caused by heart attacks, thrombosis or hypertension, among others. That is, those that affect the circulatory and vascular system. Cardiovascular diseases cause a total of 17.79 million deaths.

Cancer. With a total of 9.56 million deaths a year, cancer is already for many one of the diseases in which all medical attention should be paid. Among the types of cancer, lung cancer is the most widespread.

Respiratory diseases. This type of diseases leaves a total of 3.91 deaths per year. They are related to viruses, bacteria or tobacco.

Dementia. There are different cases of dementia, but Alzheimer's is the most common of all, occupying 70 percent. A total of 2.5 million people die each year from dementia.

Gastrointestinal diseases They directly affect the organs, and although they may seem a rarity, they cause nothing more and nothing less than 2.38 million deaths per year.

Complications at birth. No parent wants their child to have complications at birth. Unfortunately, these types of complications leave up to 1.78 million dead.

Diarrhea. For many it will be a strange case, but the truth is that a whopping 1.57 million people die each year from diarrhea. His death is caused, in the vast majority of cases, by very common bacteria known to all. From salmonella, through shigella.

Diabetes. This disease and which directly affects blood glucose, leaves a total of 1.37 million deaths per year.

Liver disease The liver is one of the organs that we need to take care of as it is responsible for cleaning the toxins in our body. These types of diseases leave a whopping 1.32 million deaths per year.

Traffic accidents. While they would not be at the top of the table, it was impossible to ignore that car accidents leave millions of deaths a year. In total we talk about 1.24 million people dead, a figure that is only increasing.