Complaints of the Royal after 1-10: “There are more and more foreigners and nationals are on the bench”



The Barcelona players celebrate one of the goals against Real.

The coach of the Royal Society, Gonzalo Arconada, He has asked the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to “reflect if he wants this to promote women's football” after Barcelona won 1-10 at Real Sociedad in the final of the Super Cup held in Salamanca.

In the press conference after the meeting, and after being asked by journalists if he considered that there was as much difference in level as the one reflected in the scoreboard, Arconada has assured that it is what “we all feel”. “It's something that the League and the Federation have to reflect on. If this is how they want to promote women's football, that there are more and more foreign players and that the national players are on the bench“, he said.

In addition, he has argued that for him in this competition “the only option he had was to win Barcelona.” Visibly dejected, Gonzalo Arconada has recognized that it has been “a very hard day” even though his team was aware that it was “going to be difficult” to win Barcelona. But “the forces have not given us” and he has lamented that his team “has not lived up to” what the Real Sociedad is, although it has tried to see something positive: “Let this be an apprenticeship”.

We want to be here and we are proud to have been, to have played a semifinal and the Super Cup final and I am convinced that it is not the last one, “he said. Asked how he faced the break, how he asked his players to compete in the second half, after finishing the first 45 with a 0-6, the Real Sociedad coach has acknowledged that I asked the girls to “take out their caste, pride” and reminded them that “we had to continue competing” in front of a hobby that “could not be abandoned.”

For Gonzalo Arconada, the reason for this very bulky result has been that physically they have reached the final “very fair” and, above, they found that in the 8th minute of the match they were already losing 0-2, so “the world falls on you, because we are human”. The coach of the Real Sociedad explained that, at the end of the game and in the tweet they did among all the players, I asked them to “turn the page quickly” and that the name of their team “go to history” for having played the final of the Super Cup.

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