There were reports that Steelers player Kenny Pickett wouldn’t get ready for the Seahawks game, but he denies it.

Some news sources say that Kenny Pickett, quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, refused to be the Seattle Seahawks’ backup quarterback on Sunday.

He said on Tuesday that was “no talk” about him being a backup, which put an end to the reports.

The player stated, “I was planning to get to play if it seemed fit enough for it and if the instructors and managers believed that I appeared suitable to play.”

“I hadn’t intended to get dressed or make up for the match if they assumed I wasn’t, yet they did.” … It makes me mad to read stories that don’t make sense or have any truth to them.

For some reason, Pittsburg quarterback Kenny Pickett clearly didn’t want to play against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday because he didn’t seek to be Mason Rudolph’s reserve.

These claims were not true when Pickett met with reporters on Tuesday. If you look back at the season, Pickett started every single game.

But he hasn’t appeared since week 13 since he badly hurt his ankle as well as wasn’t medically cleared to play for the Seahawks.

Rudolph continues to start the team’s final contest of the season towards the Ravens of Baltimore, even though Pickett was back from being sick.

Coach Mike Tomlin stated this on Monday. “I read articles which I think were disrespectful to me and who I am,” Pickett wrote in Tuesday.

“I wasn’t being talked about as a two-back quarterback against the Seahawks on Sunday.” “I didn’t care how I looked or if I was in shape enough to play.” I was going to play outside.

Mark Madden in WXDX-FM was the first to declare that Pickett wasn’t going to get ready for the Bears game.

In addition, he said, “Steelers scribes know it but aren’t going to write it.” Pitt Now’s Derrick Bell also said which Pickett wouldn’t stand through Rudolph.

Madden went on a wild rant in social media after Pickett communicated to the media. She said Kendall is lying if she says she is unwilling to dress up and support Rudolph.

When the Steelers (9–7) face the Baltimore Ravens (13–3) on Saturday, Pickett will be a backup quarterback. You can watch the game on ABC and ESPN starting at 4:30 p.m. ET.

Pickett wasn’t in the week 17’s win of the Seahawks, despite the fact that it was said before the game that he might not be better.

The reports started spreading on social media upon Sunday night. He told the local media at the start of his five-minute press conference on Tuesday that they were either fake or “attacking my conduct and who I am as a person.”

“There was no discussion for me being another starter this past weekend with the aim of scoring a 2,” Pickett said.

“I was merely ready to start and perform if I felt sufficiently well to do so and when the trainers or managers thought that I appeared sufficient with do so.” I wasn’t going to show up for the occasion unless they think I wasn’t, but they did.

That person didn’t come from anywhere; it’s crazy that people will put pen to paper to try make their point, serve their cause, or move up in their jobs, such as you guys do.

But it made me sad to see that there was no proof and reason for it. He hasn’t played since Week 13, as he hurt an ankle further during the first half against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Patriots in New England as well as the Indianapolis Colts were the next two teams Mitch Trubisky played and lost both of them.

Before the Colts game, Rudolph, who had been his backup for a long time, came onto the field and seized his place.

Rudolph started or won the next two games to keep the Steelers in the running for the title. On Monday, coach Michael Tomlin said Rudolph was going to play against the Ravens just to see what would happen.

The Steelers have won two straight games, and Rudolph has led them to tallies of 34 along with 30 points.

In the two of those games, the offense ran on average more than 400 meters. Rudolph also threw for 290 yards.

Pickett, on the other hand, has appeared in 12 games this year and scores 172.5 more yards each time. He has also thrown four interceptions and scored six scores.