“There is no need to force things”

It hasn’t even been 48 hours since Carlo Costanzia (31) He sat down on the set of Santi Acosta and Beatriz Archidona to respond to the criticism he has received these days for selling exclusively that he is going to be a father with Alejandra Rubio (24). In his interview on Telecinco – where he also talked about how he found out about the pregnancy and how his parents have taken it – Mar Flores’ son agreed with his ‘mother-in-law’ Terelu Camposwith whom he had a sugary encounter.

A couple of days after the young man’s interview in what seems to be his main program, Alejandra Rubio has reappeared this Sunday and has clarified whether she saw her boyfriend in Friday!. “I saw it, but I’m not going to tell you anything because you already know that I have to answer what I have to answer because of work. Everything is great.“, stated the granddaughter of María Teresa Campos before the cameras of Europa Press.

Regarding Terelu’s recent incorporation into Mediaset, Alejandra has assured that she is very happy for her mother. “I am very happy for her because she is a piece of professional.“, said Carmen Borrego’s niece.

However, judging by her statements, it seems that the young woman is not particularly excited about the possibility of sharing a set with her mother. “I have already worked with her. Life will tell if we have to coincide, there is no need to force things.“, he said.

Alejandra Rubio, infected with Covid while pregnant

Alejandra Rubio has reappeared this Sunday with a mask, since she was infected with Covid in the middle of her pregnancy. Sandra Aladro announced the news last Wednesday in We’ll see. “Alejandra just arrived home a few minutes ago, very distressed, nervous and wearing a mask. She asked not to be filmed because she has Covid, she is logically very worried about her condition, as it is very distressing.“, the journalist revealed.