Thebes criticizes Bartomeu

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, has not been slow to reply to the already former president of Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu, on the bomb news, apart from his departure, his appearance before the media. Its Board of Directors has approved the participation of Barcelona in a future European Super League of football clubs. “The decision on participation will have to be ratified by the incoming board of directors,” concluded Bartomeu,

Unfortunate Bartomeu, announcing on the last day the participation in a “phantom competition, which would be the ruin for Barcelona, ​​and confirms his ignorance in the football industry. Sad end of a president who had successes and lately mistakes“, a strong message on their social networks from the president of LaLiga against the resigned Bartomeu.

It is not the first time that Tebas has declared against the project of the European Super League. The LaLiga president described the idea as a “bar counter project. A project of this type will cause a lot of economic damage to the organizers themselves and to those entities that finance it, if they exist, because they never officially come out. The authors of this idea show a serious ignorance of football and the audiovisual rights market “.