The catharsis of Turin –

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Confusion reigns in the Barça. Institutional, but also sports. In the distance, the attempt to Ronald Koeman to rebuild a devastated team in Lisbon. But, at the same time, and covered by those two fewer games, a dangerous sports classification hides in The league; two losses in a row and the feeling that there is not enough progress. If the gibberish of the resignation of Bartomeu, it could be said calmly that Barça reached Turin today in a situation that is halfway between catharsis and pre-crisis (follow the game live on Of course, with the mattress of his first victory against Ferencvaros. But this is supposed to be a new Barça. Messi he has freed himself from his 'kidnapper'.

Barça have few good memories of their visits to Turin. If anything, that distant goal of Archibald with the ear. The rest has been suffering. In the old Comunale, in Delle Alpi and, finally, in the Juventus Stadium, where in 2017 Barça, shaken by Dybala (3-0), began his festival of catastrophes. Then, Rome, Liverpool and Lisbon.

The age Pirlo, a fantasist who plays with three centrals (Demiral, Bonucci and Danilo due to De Ligt and Chiellini's injuries), has not started well in the Juventus. The Vecchia Signora circulates fifth of the A series although, like Barça, in the Champions League his first triumph in Kiev. The goals of Morata and the appearance of Kulusevski is his little good news because he has no Christian.

The Barça has traveled without Piqué and only with two centrals. Lenglet, is under suspicion after falling into the trap of Bouquets. Turin party is a challenge for Griezmann, which will have a hole in the eleven after Coutinho's injury. It remains to know where. His desire is to play as a midfielder, but Koeman already warned him: “I can't fill the team with tens.” Turin is not a definitive match, but it is a credibility test for the first Barça post-Bartomeu.