The woman who withdrew the complaint against Conde-Pumpido speaks: “I’m going back to Brazil, I just want peace”

The scandal that the lawyer has been involved in for twenty days took a 180 degree turn this Thursday, when the woman who accused him of sexual assault withdrew all charges. An unexpected and surprising decision that she herself has explained in TardeAr: “I withdrew the complaint because it was better for me, for my peace and to move forward.”

In a telephone conversation, the Brazilian denied having received financial compensation for withdrawing the complaint and assured that her decision only responded to personal issues: “No one has paid me a single euro, I did it because I wanted to because I’m returning to Brazil, to my country, and I just want peace and tranquility.”

Her lawyer, Beatriz Uriarte, has shed some light on what happened: “It has been a very high-profile procedure that has generated a lot of stress for her. The reasons why she has decided to withdraw it are very personal and she will have to explain them if she wants, but “I think it has been quite clear. He has prioritized his peace.”

The lawyer affirms that she is not the one to advise her clients to withdraw a complaint but she did warn her that the procedure she was facing was very harsh: “He told me that he cannot bear the weight of the situation and I warned him that it was going to be complicated, that this was not filing a report at the police station and nothing more. You have to prove each of the accusations and then go to trial, in addition to exposing yourself to a false complaint by the other party.” Regarding this, he clarified: “Without ratification of the complaint, a false lawsuit cannot be sustained because nothing is said in court.”

Conde-Pumpido, joined

The events date back to last Friday, November 3, when a woman of Brazilian origin went to the police station to report a group sexual assault. The scene of the events was the house of Cándido Conde Pumpido, ex-boyfriend of Lara Dibildos, and he was one of the accused along with two friends. The woman claimed that they intended to have sexual relations with her and that she refused, but the lawyer took her to a room and allegedly carried out the rape.

The detainees spent two nights in the cells until, on Monday morning, the judge on duty released them without precautionary measures. They pleaded innocent and provided images from the security cameras in Conde-Pumpido’s house, whose story did not coincide with the complainant’s version. Furthermore, she could be seen banging on the door of the house, asking to come back inside and completely out of her mind.

The stress of the situation has led Conde-Pumpido to suffer anxiety attacks and even an attempted suicide that has forced his family to admit him to a psychiatric center. The lawyer had had mental problems for years and treated them with medication and specialists, but the woman’s complaint and the media coverage have aggravated his symptoms. “It’s pretty bad”his entourage said this Friday.