Bárbara Rey, broken at her brother’s wake: “He protected me because he knew that I didn’t have to be alone today”

This Friday has become one of the most complicated days in the life of the former star. And hours before her son, Angel Cristo Jr.he sits on a television set to betray her, he has died Salvador, her older brother, to whom she was very close. Barbara Rey She arrived early in the afternoon in Totana hidden under sunglasses and completely broken to look over her brother’s remains: “He has been very sick on many occasions but he was a very good person. It is a very hard day for me.”

Bárbara explained that her brother’s death this Friday is not a coincidence: “With his departure it is as if he were protecting me. There are things that happen that one does not know how to explain but he knew that today I did not have to be alone and thanks to him I am with my sister Petra, my cousins, my friends… “I’m not alone, I’m with him,” she said through tears. “My daughter Sofía can’t come because she’s working.”

Sofía Cristo was precisely in charge of announcing the sad news in the morning during her time at Espejo Público: “My uncle has just died.” Through tears, she said: “I don’t cry for him, because I didn’t have a relationship, but my mother did and I know that she is devastated, she was her brother and she loved him very much.”

The betrayal of Ángel Cristo Jr.

The former star’s first-born son and the one who was the best tamer in the world sits down this Friday on a Mediaset set to tell everything that his mother has kept silent about for decades: “The Moraleja house was a nightmare. There was fear, terror and blood. In that house I went in and out of everything: drugs, alcohol, prostitutes (…) The real nightmare was my mother. My mother spent a lot of money in the casino,” he said.

“My sister from the age of 13 didn’t know anything about what was happening because I was drugged all day. I would take the money to pay for the drugs from my mother’s room where there was always a lot of cash that came from payments that were made to my mother for blackmailing the King of Spain“, he points out. “I took photos of my mother and the King. Lots of photos,” she reveals.