The woman who denounces Conde-Pumpido claims that they took “amphetamine, cocaine and ecstasy” and reiterates: “He raped me”

The woman who reported being sexually assaulted by Cándido Conde-Pumpido He has given his first interview and has reiterated his version. It must be remembered that the son of the president of the Constitutional Court was arrested last Friday and on Sunday he was released without precautions. This woman, of Brazilian origin and 23 years old, claims that she began her relationship with the lawyer just two days after he broke up with her. Lara Dibildos.

“He violated me and pushed me to bed,” he said this Tuesday in an interview with We’ll see. “Many things happened. She raped me. She had sex with me without permission,” she added. The reported events occurred on the night of Thursday to Friday in the lawyer’s chalet in the Madrid district of San Blas-Canillejas. According to her, they consumed substances: “We took amphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, everything.”

Furthermore, the woman claims to have been recorded without permission while they were having sexual relations: “There are cameras in Cándido’s houses and he recorded me having sex last week through hidden cameras in the room. He cannot go unpunished.”

As we said, he assures that the relationship between the two began immediately after he broke up with Laura Valenzuela’s daughter. It must be remembered that the presenter announced his breakup just two weeks ago: “I met him two days later and I went out with him every day.”

At the same time, she denies engaging in prostitution as has been suggested: “I have never taken a real. Many times when we went out I paid the bill.”

The journalist who interviewed her, Toño García, has given more details from Telecinco: “She is not feeling well at the moment because of all this that is happening, she is with a friend and throughout today she is going to return to the hospital to provide a new medical report,” he explained.

The reporter also claims to have seen messages that demonstrate her version: “I have seen the conversations she has had with Pumpido, she meets him two days after breaking up with Lara and they have had a relationship since then. I have seen sordid messages, I do not enter qualify the relationship but it is not just two days, it comes over time. In the early hours of Thursday to Friday the alleged sexual assault occurs, she does not want to have sex with him and the struggles occur. They themselves recognize that the relationship is toxic and They talk about drugs and medication that same night,” he explained.

The arrest and release of Lara Dibildos’ ex

Conde-Pumpido Varela, a criminal lawyer by profession, was arrested on Friday by the National Police after a woman reported an alleged group sexual assault. The judge in charge of the case released this Sunday without precautionary measures Conde Pumpido Jr., detained throughout the weekend after being reported along with two friends by a young woman for sexual harassment in a pack. Conde-Pumpido’s lawyer maintains that the complaint is false.

Has nothing to do Lara Dibildos in this whole sordid affair, obviously, but, regardless of what happens and how the process that began from the moment Pumpido and his friends were accused and arrested moves forward, the scandal inevitably affects her. Laura Valenzuela’s daughter, who began her relationship with him after the death of her mother in March of this year, broke things off with the lawyer and, just two weeks ago, she announced it live and on a television program. when they hadn’t even asked him.