Juggling must be done to fit in all the information that flourishes around Juan Ortegathe groom on the run, and Carmen Otte, the jilted bride. The whereabouts of both have been a mystery since the wedding did not take place last Saturday, when they were scheduled to say “I do” before the watchful eyes of 500 guests.

Everything seems to indicate that the bullfighter traveled to the small municipality of Checa, in Guadalajara, to take refuge from the storm. His parents have a house there. However, there are those who suggest that he is currently sheltered in the farm of a good friend. Others claimed to have seen him this Thursday morning praying, devastated, in a church in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid, as reported on Telecinco.

On the other hand, Carmen Otte disappeared from the map after the sit-in. She is neither in Jerez nor in Seville. This Friday it emerged that she is in Rota, Malaga, leaning on the arms of a good friend who has welcomed her into her house to protect her from the temporary evil.

The disappointment that the young cardiologist felt was such that she threw her wedding dress out the window.