This week the interview of Little one con Risto Mejide in which, for the first time, the singer spoke openly about her breakup with Albert Rivera. The father of her daughter Lucía has not spoken publicly about it, although he has been asked about his ex's conversation with the presenter.

The former leader of Ciudadanos has escaped this bridge to Asturias with his girlfriend, the designer Carla Cotterli, with whom he was also recently in Morocco. The two have been surprised in a cafeteria by several citizens who have approached the former politician to ask for a photo.

One lady in particular, according to what Amor Romeira said this Friday on Telecinco, did not hesitate and asked her about Malú's interview. The expression on her face, according to her former big sister, has spoken for itself: “He didn't answer and his face changed. He didn't like the question at all.”. Following this moment, the attitude of the two changed: “They were very friendly until the million-dollar question came”.

Malú opened in canal

The artist lived one of the most complicated times of her life in 2019, when a ligament injury forced her to stop her tour and her career cold. Then came the pandemic and little Lucía. She did not return to the stage until mid-2022 with the 'Mil Batallas Tour'. She then took a big step off her shoulders, because by placing the girl as the great priority in her life, she left her perfectionism aside and this allowed her to enjoy even more on stage. She talked about all this in her interview in Traveling with Chesterwhich aired this Wednesday on Cuatro.

His words took on a very special meaning considering that his breakup with Rivera was confirmed in the middle of this year: ” Everything that is not one hundred percent with my daughter and the intensity of love that I have, does not matter to me.”. As for whether the birth of a human being multiplies the good and the bad that exists in a relationship, the interpreter of Not a second He also added: “It depends. I also think it separates a lot. If the two people are not in the same place, create a world“.

On the other hand, he talked about his new song of spite and heartbreak, Absent, the one that reminds us so much of his end with the lawyer. She assured that she did not mark any 'Shakira' because she has been doing the same thing for more than two decades: “I love the moment when Malú has become a 'Shakira'. No, Malú has become a 'Malú'. Let's go back. And you realize that I have been telling you all my things, the good, the bad, the average, the spite, the intensity, the fun. I have been telling everything but in my way and way. The thing is that no one thought it was interesting enough to pay attention to that and analyze my songs.“.

In this sense, Paco de Lucía's niece did recognize that her song is based on their breakup: “I have done the same thing again that I have done all my life, tell a story of pain, real, from an afternoon of stomach talk and letting go of everything you have inside. It is an afternoon of tears, a reality, a pain. It's what I've done, I have done nothing more than tell how I felt“.