The whereabouts of Isabel Pantoja during Isa Pi’s wedding: “She has been in Córdoba all week”

Isabel Pantoja She was the big absentee at her daughter’s wedding with Asraf Beno, which was held last Friday, October 13 in Seville. “I would have liked her to be there on the day of the wedding, but it would have been enough for me to see each other days before to, for example, eat together,” Isa Pantoja herself confessed just a few days before the celebration.

Until now, the whereabouts of the tonadillera during her daughter’s wedding were a mystery. She was not in Cantora. She was resolving some medical issues. “He has been in Córdoba all week pending the results of his tests“, Antonio Rossi revealed this Tuesday on Telecinco. However, there is nothing to worry about, because according to the journalist, “Fortunately, as far as I know, everything is fine“.

Until the end, Isa Pantoja maintained the hope that her mother, with whom she remains estranged, would appear at the ceremony. In fact, she closed the guest list with her in mind. With Jorge Javier Vazquezthe godfather, reached an agreement: “If at any time she tells me not to go out because her mother or her brother is there because in the end they wanted to come, I have told her that nothing would happen, that I would understand and that I would not go,” confessed the former presenter of Save me y Chinese stories upon his arrival at the wedding, referring to the conflict he maintains open with the folklore.

Maria del Monte, on the other hand, was not among the guests. Isa herself explained why she was not invited even though she was the godmother at her baptism. “I haven’t invited her. It’s one thing for Jorge to be here and that’s it. I’m very fond of him, but I think it was too much just in case my mother eventually came, so no…”