Ayuso turns 45 in New York: the president eats up the Big Apple with this great red ‘Madrid’ dress

Isabel loves red. The Madrid president turns 45 at the height of the wave: in New York, on her international tour to promote and promote culture in Spanish. Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who is blowing out candles this October 17, has passed through the capital of the world to attend the Teatro Real gala at Lincoln Center. There she has met the designer Carolina Herrera. Ayuso wore a very Spanish red dress and also Madrid red (the color of the flag).

A great look. The president remains faithful to Victoria Colection, the firm of her friend Vicky Martín Berrocal. She never fails him. It is a red Yulene tube party dress, with a heart-shaped crossover neckline, which has natural bird feathers on the sleeves. She wears long sleeves in crepe and stretch georgette that cross her body leaving her shoulders exposed. Price, 395 euros. Spain Fashion 100%.

Ayuso promotes opera and flamenco. The musical evening at the Lincoln Center in New York featured the voice of the singer Esperanza Fernández and the cellist Pablo Ferrández, under the direction of Juanjo Mena. Among the pieces that were performed, The love wizardby Manuel de Falla, and the Cello Concerto de Antonín Dvorak.

One of the most anticipated stars, thanks to the Teatro Real, has been Yolanda Osuna, a dancer and choreographer from Córdoba of great expressiveness and charm. Osuna will offer a show at the Ángel Orensanz Foundation in New York starting November 17 along with Juan Fernández (dance), Bernardo Miranda and Manu Soto (singers), Miguel Pérez and Juan Marín (guitars) and Juan Diego Sáez (saxophone) . This tour is part of the program designed by the Madrid Opera Coliseum in the Big Apple and is integrated into the tour Authentic Flamenco.