The virtue of Luis Suárez that Simeone values ​​the most

Diego Simeone, coach of the Atlético de Madrid, you will know today if you can count on Luis Suarez kick-off for the match against Salzburg, matchday two of the group stage of the Champions League. The Uruguayan had individualized work on Monday, outside the group, as a precaution, having some slight physical discomfort.

The charrúa entered the call but it is doubtful to be a starter, something that Cholo himself confirmed at a press conference, where he was also asked what had surprised him the most about Luis Suarez, who has been playing rojiblanco for just over a month. “Nothing,” replied Simeone, who, however, did extend himself to talk about the greatest virtue of the former Barcelona footballer.

I found the footballer that I heard on the phone when we spoke in the first talk to see if there was a possibility that he would come with us. He wanted to be here, he wants to be here and he is showing it, that is the greatest virtue of a footballer with his hierarchy and importance. Hopefully we can help him continue in his usual line and that he helps us in what he does best, which is the goal ”.

Thus, what Simeone de Suárez values ​​the most, that if he plays he will get to a hundred in Europe, is the predisposition he showed from day one to join Atlético, once he knew that the Barcelona I did not want him to continue in Barcelona. And the enthusiasm with which the Uruguayan arrived at the Metropolitan continues to keep her very alive, something that can be observed in games and training sessions, with an attitude that has earned the praise of the Argentine coach.