The viral photo of Jenni Hermoso with which she thanks the historic press conference of Alexia Putellas and Irene Paredes

Alexia Putellas e Irene Paredes They appeared this Thursday at a press conference that is already considered the history of Spanish football. The players of the Spanish National Team clarified in front of the press the reasons why they have decided to continue in La Roja after the controversy generated by the embarrassing kiss of Luis Rubiales a Jenni Hermoso a Sidney.

“We here had been demanding that they listen to us for quite some time, because we were detecting that there had been systematic discrimination against women for too many decades,” lamented the two-time Ballon d’Or champion, Putellas.

“We had to fight a lot to be heard, that entails wear and tear that we don’t want to have, because what worries us is on the field, playing, that people celebrate the victories with us,” added the Blaugrana midfielder.

Paredes also explained: “We are trying to change things, so that at some point the players just dedicate themselves to playing. (…) We hope it doesn’t happen again, but if it does, there have to be protocols. We are tired.”

Regarding the meetings they have held with those responsible for the RFEF after being summoned in Oliva (Valencia) for the UEFA Women’s Nations League, the culé center explained: “We didn’t want to come but we were forced. From there we made the decision to stay, not because we are exactly comfortable, but because we believe that it is what we have to do so that the agreements are carried out. We have a responsibility on the Sub 23. If we left they would have been called.

After this step forward taken by the two stars of women’s football, Jenni Hermoso opened X to thank them for their bravery and support. She didn’t need words. She simply shared an image of the three with the World Cup that they won in the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand after beating England in the historic final last Sunday, August 20.

Hermoso, who plays for the Mexican Pachuca, was not called up unlike her teammates. Montse Tométhe new coach after the dismissal of Jorge Vilda, explained that he made the decision to protect her, and the player responded with a forceful statement: “Protect me from what?” After the call and the meetings held, only Mapi León y Patri Guijarro They abandoned the concentration. The Barça players explained that their situation was different from the rest. It must be remembered that they did not compete in the World Cup by their own decision after not agreeing with the situation that women’s football faced (and faces) within the RFEF.