Carmen Lomana and Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada take their war to Seville this Friday

Carmen Lomana y Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada attend the magazine awards this Friday night in Seville escape, the great social festival of the Andalusian capital. It is the first time in a long time that the Leonese socialite and Pedro J. Ramírez’s ex will coincide in public, after months at odds, testifying against each other in the media.

Lomana is the one who continues to maintain hostilities, while Agatha appears indifferent to her opponent’s taunts and attacks. There is expectation about what this public meeting will be like, after these days Lomana continues to launch poisoned arrows against the designer.

During the Madrid fashion show, the journalists asked each of them about Lomana’s absence from the Ágatha show, to which she was not invited, although in previous years, when there was peace, she never missed her catwalk and was even dressed in a signature model. “I would never go,” the influencer replied emphatically to justify her absence.

We’ll see what happens in Seville, although we assume that the organizers will seat them as far away from each other as possible. The rivalry has always been latent between two women, knowledgeable in fashion, each in her own style, with a good social agenda, although Ágatha’s comes from herself, her family is from the Catalan aristocracy and with Pedro J. she treated international figures .

For his part, Lomana has a modest family background and it has been and is still difficult for him to have the doors of good society opened to him.

Hostilities materialized in June 2021, when Ágatha broke off her relationship with the gallery owner. Luis Gasset and the Leonese woman unexpectedly comments: “The only thing (Agatha) is interested in is having covers.” She then added that Gasset is posh, she assured that she is not and that the designer “is the most arrogant and arrogant thing I know. She looks down on everyone, whoever suits her, of course.”

And he criticized Ruiz de la Prada for calling Pedro J. Ramírez “the unmentionable.” “It seems to me a lack of respect, he is the father of her children. It is a lack of everything. Agatha calls him tacky and assures that she was never in love, that it was customary. So, why did she take that rebound? That she would have left him… I think she should have respect for the men she has dated, including Luismi,” she said, referring to Luis Miguel Rodríguez, a leading scrap metal businessman, with whom the designer had a long relationship).

Such a missile on the waterline had a response. In his memoirs, Ágatha revealed that Lomana paid late and poorly or not at all. “I have one good thing about Carmen Lomana: when I started in 81, she had a store in San Sebastián and the truth is that she bought me suits. I have always been very grateful to her for that. I have always told her that. What I have never said, since she messes with me so much, it was difficult for her to pay them, but I was fond of her. I gave a party every Thursday of the year and she came. We have never been friends. I know many secrets about her because, like She came to my Thursdays, I found out what was happening. If she continues to criticize me, I’m going to tell them. She seems a bit tacky to me, she doesn’t seem elegant to me. It’s just that she isn’t. She puts on very good makeup and is well dressed. I’ve known her for a long time. 40 years old (Lomana is 76 years old) and she is younger and prettier now than she was 40 years ago,” Ágatha said.

The retorts were constant, but it gave the impression that De la Prada resisted the attacks more calmly, while Lomana seemed delighted with the notoriety that going to television sets gave her, where she was paid to continue stoking the fire.

Ágatha also revealed some of Lomana’s messages giving her opinion about El Chatarrero. “Teach your boyfriend manners because he behaves like a lad. How could you have gotten involved with this guy? You’re cool, modern, but he doesn’t even have a conversation,” Lomana replied.

Everything became complicated when Agatha’s new love, the lawyer, entered the scene. José Manuel Diaz Patón, naturally defending his girlfriend. In her message to Lomana, Patón suggested that he had had a relationship with her and was spiteful of her. Truth or provocation?

The strong character of the lawyer was reflected in a phrase attributed to Lomana: “I’m going to tear this one’s panties apart.” Urban legend? Patón will be in Seville accompanying his girlfriend.