The video that sets off alarms in the Danish Royal House: Federico, wandering alone and nervous through Madrid

What is a crown prince doing on the streets of a strange and unescorted city? That is the question that the whole world is asking after the video came to light in which Frederick of Denmark wanders through the neighborhood Genoveva Casanova late in the morning on October 26 in Madrid. The surprise and concern of the Danish Royal House already resonates throughout Europe.

The images, broadcast by TardeAR as advanced Informaliashow the son of the Queen Margaret with beige pants, sports shoes and a parka through the streets of the capital at 8:28 am, dragging his own suitcase. It’s still night. The heir leaves the portal where Genoveva lives and begins to walk. Ten minutes later, and practically back at the starting point, he takes refuge under a bus shelter, from where he takes out his mobile phone and makes a call. Shortly after, a car from the Danish embassy in Madrid picks him up and takes him to the airport.

The images make it clear that Federico’s trip to Spain was private and, therefore, did not have official security measures. However, during his walk and his dinner with Genoveva hours before, he had been escorted by two completely trustworthy members of his team who were not the same ones who later picked him up. But why didn’t anyone expect Federico? Why was he alone for more than ten minutes in the middle of the street? Was it a communication error or Federico’s desire to mislead his escort?

These and other issues have turned the Danish Royal House upside down, which cannot believe the irresponsibility of its prince. He is the heir to his mother’s Crown and as such he is exposed not only to the dangers shared by the rest of the citizens (an accident, a fall, an attack…) but also to those added by his royal condition, as a kidnapping or an attack. His disregard for the strict security protocol (similar to that of the rest of European princes and kings) is unacceptable for the Danish Royal House: “They are more concerned about this exhibition and this attitude of Frederick than about his story with Genevieve,” they have insured.